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Tearjerker / Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

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  • Episode 2: The group has the lone goblin surrounded and injured, yet it roars in defiance at not wanting to die. Then they take it down, but it gets up and tries to run away. Ranta stabs it over and over again until it dies, before all of them break down at having to kill it. This moment hammers home just how traumatic the experience is for all parties, even the protagonists who ambushed it.
  • Episode 4: Manato's death. Everyone breaks the moment the priest tells them that he's dead.
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  • Episode 5: None of them are coping well with his death.
  • Volume 4 (Light Novel): Moguzo's death leaves the party in pieces trying to cope with losing someone close to them a second time. Even Ranta is struggling to remain functional.
  • Haruhiro remembering his past with Choko, but only after she's killed by an orc.

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