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Tearjerker / Grace and Frankie

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  • In "The End", Robert and Grace's first candid conversation about the marriage he just ended. He's relieved to be out of it, while she's confronting the fact that the last forty years of her life were based on a lie.
    Robert: ...let's be honest. Were you ever really happy with me?
    Grace: I was happy enough! So we didn't have the romance of the century. But I thought we were normal. I thought we were like everybody else. I thought this was life.
    Robert: And I thought there was more.
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  • "The Loophole" ends with a tired Frankie giving up her fight against Brianna, asking it to end because she can no longer see the friendship they all had crumbling down because of it.
  • "The Bender" is big on this. On one side of the story, you have Grace, now going from Functional Addict into full blown alcoholism while on the other side, Frankie is happy to receive a visit from her dear friend Babe, to plan a party with her, only to realize at the very end that this is her goodbye party, since she's dying.


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