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Tearjerker / Egao No Daika

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  • The ending of episode 2 is quite a gut punch. Yuki is taken to see the returning soldiers, and is excitedly asking whether Joshua is with them. Then she sees a destroyed Theurgear, and is told how "the town surrendered to the enemy". Then, she is taken to a hospital, sees the Vanquish siblings outside a hospital room looking quite melancholic. She enters the room... only to be told that Joshua just passed away, and she sees his dead body, smiling, on the bed, clutching the toy present he kept as a keepsake. Everyone in the room begins tearing up, and Yuki, after a few moments of disbelief, suddenly screams and ear-piercing cry of utter heartbreak, despair and shock. This is the scene that made it clear that this was not a generic, happy-go-lucky mecha anime, but a much darker story.

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