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Tearjerker / Easy A

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  • Olive's gross sobbing in Woodchuck Todd's car after her date goes from slightly awkward to causing a breakup and destroying a friendship to nearly getting date-raped.
  • The confessional scene, where Olive wells up and tries to alleviate some of the interminable stress she's been going through. Oh, and it turns out the other half of the confessional is empty.
    Olive: A lot of people hate me now... [grins tearfully] I kinda hate me, too.
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  • The revelation that Mrs. Griffith not only will not help Olive salvage her reputation... but is also remorseless at having ruined the life of a teenage girl.
  • Olive impulsively telling Mr. Griffith his wife was cheating on him and the subsequent fallout. In the heat of the moment, she wanted nothing but gratification against someone she dislikes, but ends up hurting her favorite teacher. And she was right to tell him, given Mrs. Griffith could otherwise have given him chlamydia and had no intention of telling him herself, but in that moment all it does is break both their hearts.
    • Then when Mr. Griffith leaves, shaken by his revelation. His expression says it all.
  • Olive's mum comforting her towards the end. She really loves and supports her daughter, and that is incredibly moving, especially since it occurs after the movie takes a decidedly nightmarish turn.
  • Despite being a major jerk throughout the film, Rhiannon is genuinely remorseful at having lost Olive as a friend.
  • Brandon's plea to Olive to help him gain a straight reputation.
  • "Screw all these people, Olive." "Haven't you heard? I already did." While it's funny at first, and Olive's clearly trying to make a joke, really look at Emma Stone's expression when she says that. Her eyes. She just looks so sad and hurt and lonely, and she tries to gloss it over.

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