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Tearjerker / Dragon Tales

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  • In "Goodbye, Little Caterpoozle", Cassie finds her caterpillar, Poozie in a cocoon and mistakenly thinks she has died.
  • Another episode, "Cassie Loves A Parade" has her feeling upset that she wasn't chosen to ride on the Book Float for the School-in-the-Sky parade. She literally shrinks down and flies off to cry where she meets a flower named Cosmo, who's also upset that he wasn't chosen to ride in the parade. The both of them briefly share a good cry.
    Cosmo: (sobbing) All my friends were picked for a special float, except for me, and now I feel... I feel—
    Cassie: (also crying) Terrible...
    Cosmo: Awful!
    Cassie: (sobs) Sad!
    Both: Left out!
  • In "Wheezie's Hairball", Zak and Wheezie's pet, a baby boinger named Slurpy slowly gets exhausted and almost loses his bounce when the gang can't find out what's wrong with him. The way Wheezie worriedly asks Queztal if Slurpy will be okay can really strike a chord with pet owners.
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  • In "My Emmy or Bust", Max has to help his dragon friends without his sister. This is probably one of the only times that Max winds up having to fly solo because of circumstances outside his control, and in the submarine, he winds up becoming disheartened because Emmy is not there by his side. So, Zak and Wheezie give Max a picture of Emmy... only to wind up missing her again later on, after escaping from an octopus.
  • In "No Hitter", Max gets mad with Emmy and punches her arm during a game of Dragonball (no, not THAT Dragon Ball). It's also the only time we've ever seen Emmy cry. Max later gets mad at Ord for catching a ball he wanted to catch himself, and kicks his tail. Needless to say, both moments are pretty hard to watch.
  • Ord's Not-So-Forgotten Birthday episode (appropriately titled "Ord's Unhappy Birthday"). Enough said. (To put it shortly, you can pretty much tell what happens in said episode, but you still can't help but feel sorry for him.)
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  • Max and Ord crying for their parents in "Snow Dragons" when Ord's wings freeze and the two end up lost in the Stickleback Mountains.
  • Max having too much fun in "Wild Time" causing him to accidentally ruin Zak and Wheezie's xylophone and Ord's statue.
  • Interestingly, there are two episodes which both have a similar situation/plot: in "Max And The Magic Carpet", Max has so much fun playing with Quetzal's old magic carpet, he doesn't know he is ignoring Ord. In "Three's a Crowd", Emmy plays with a new dragon friend, Nikki, and unintentionally ignores Cassie.
  • In "A Smashing Success", Emmy accidentally breaks Wheezie's trumpet, and at one point, she uncharacteristically forces Cassie to take the blame. When Cassie tries to tell Wheezie, she breaks down in tears, overwhelmed by the pressure.
    Cassie: (crying) Thanks a lot, Emmy! Now Wheezie will never speak to me again, and I didn't do anything!
  • The episode "Bully for You" has the new student Spike hurting Cassie's feelings twice. To top it off, the fact that it's CASSIE, one of the most nicest, down-to-earth and smartest young dragons getting bullied, REALLY makes you want to give her a big hug, especially when she shrinks down to cry at one point.
    • In a later episode "Express Yourself", when Enrique innocently gives Cassie a nickname she doesn't like ("Pinky"), it reminds her of a time when another dragon used to tease her with the nickname "Pinky Shrinky".
  • Wheezie's Break the Cutie moment in "Out with the Garbage" when she, Zak, Emmy, and Max are unable to find her bracelet that Zak accidentally threw out. It's also the only time we've ever seen her cry, and given her usual Genki Girl personality, this is VERY heartbreaking to see.
  • Ord during the majority of "Big Funky Cloud" (pictured above). The poor guy is SO torn apart over having lost his blanket down the "lost forever hole" that he ends up with a Personal Raincloud (which rains on him whenever he cries and won't go away unless he feels better). At one point, he cries so much he ends up with the hiccups. On top of that, every time his friends try to cheer him up, something always reminds him of his blanket. It eventually gets better, but anyone who's lost a very dear possession, or is generally feeling this upset, can DEFINITELY relate.
    Zak: Oh... this is never, ever, ever gonna work.
    Ord: (crying intensely) Zak's right. I'm going to be very, very sad forever, and ever, AND EVER!!
  • Another episode "Lucky Stone" has Ord disheartened over losing (what else?) his lucky stone. Not helped that before finding this out, Max unbeknowingly threw it in the river by accident while skipping stones.
  • In "Green Thumbs", the gang find a little lost flower named Lily, who has been swept away by a rainstorm and separated from her parents.
  • Cassie getting frustrated with her baby brother Finn in "Cassie The Green-Eyed Dragon" when he accidentally ruins her castle diorama and jealous when her friends seem to pay attention to him instead of her.
  • Mungus the Giant crying when the gang accidentally ruin a Wiggly-Jiggly dessert he made for his mother's birthday.
  • In "Feliz Cumpleanos, Enrique", Enrique is feeling sad on his birthday because he's missing the Columbian birthday traditions from back home. Doubles as heartwarming when he talks with Quetzal about it, especially when he convinces Enrique that it's okay to cry about it.
    Quetzal: Perhaps that is the way you feel right now.
    Enrique: (tearing up) I always heard that boys... they don't... they're not supposed to—
    Enrique: Sí.
    Quetzal: There's no shame in crying, Enrique. Trust me. It can be a fine way to let the sadness out.
    (Quetzal hugs Enrique, who silently cries in his arms)


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