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Tearjerker / Diana Wynne Jones

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Short Stories and Novellas

  • "The Girl Who Loved the Sun" is about a human girl who wants the sun to love her. It goes about as well as you'd expect, though the sun is apologetic. It doesn't help that she had started falling for a suitor that fell for her. In a nutshell, All Love Is Unrequited.
  • Everard's Ride has an extremely Bitter Sweet Ending. Let's just say it involves The Unfavorite elder sister going off to marry a Duke from another land rather than accept her father's unfair punishment of packing her off to boarding school.
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  • "Aunt Bea's Day Out" has a brief moment when one of the kids loses their teddy to the military, and the whole family loses Aunt Bea. There's a bit of Adult Fear until she phones them from another country.


  • Fire and Hemlock

  • The Time of the Ghost
    • The whole premise, really. Being caught in a car accident but not knowing who you are, and having to warn your past self.
    • Diana including autobiogaphical bits in the story, namely about one of her sisters tying knots in her hair. Apparently people thought she was exaggerating.

  • The Dalemark Quartet
    • Duck's grief in The Crown of Dalemark when his daughter Noreth dies. You can see why he turns against Maewen.

  • The Homeward Bounders
    • The Reveal that Jamie made it home one hundred years later. How does he find out? He recognizes his sister in a photograph.

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