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Tearjerker / Dead Rising 4

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  • Frank's life at the beginning of the game. After he successfully uncovered the mystery of the first Willamette outbreak, he tried to use his newly acquired fame and money to cover other outbreaks and bring unethical government conspiracies to the surface. As the years went on however, he lost many friends and contacts to other zombie outbreaks and the government destroyed his career when he tried to expose their involvement in the first outbreak. Nowadays, his career is ruined, the public sees him as a joke, he distances himself from people so he doesn't grow attached and lose them as well, and it's implied he has delved into alcoholism in order to cope. By the time Brad finds him, he is a mess and wants nothing more to do with zombies or conspiracies, wanting to live in peace.
    Frank: Do you know how many outbreaks I've been part of? How many I've covered? And what thanks have I gotten? Huh? Nothing. No thank yous. No flowers. Just a contact book filled with dead people.
    Brad: National Headliner Award, two thousand six. You exposed the first zombie outbreak on US soil, photographed the whole thing. You got some medals. A few letters behind your name. Honorary, of course.
    Frank: Yeah, but let's get to the point. Three weeks later I tried to expose the Pentagon and the entire US government for their involvement with it and they buried me!

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  • Paula's final podcast where she reveals that one of her friends, Cory, has been killed by zombies. She knows that she and her followers caused his death by encouraging him to put himself in dangerous situations just to hear some outlandish idea that supports their conspiracy theory. Paula takes full responsibility for Cory's death and knows she could have prevented it. She tearfully informs her audience that this will be the end of her podcasts and tells them to stay safe in the unforgiving outbreak.

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