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Tearjerker / DC Super Hero Girls (2019)

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  • After failing to stop the robots from destroying Sweet Justice, each member of the team other than Diana and Barbara leaves, giving up on being heroes. And after Diana is forced to go back to her homeland by her mother, Barbara is left alone among the wreckage. Barbara then takes off her mask and sadly calls her father to ask for a ride home.
    Karen: Face it. We were never meant to be heroes. Especially me.
    Babs: Bumblebee, wait.
    Zee: Well, I for one concur with Karen. I never wanted to do this in the first place.
    Babs: No! You guys! Come on.
    Jessica: I knew this stupid ring would lead to violence and destruction.
    Kara: Like I said, trying to be a hero is for chumps.
  • The reveal in "#HateTriangle" that Hal broke up with Star Sapphire by text makes you feel sorry for her. As clinging and scary as she is, she really loved him and just wanted him back. The realization that Hal doesn’t reciprocate made it all the worse to watch. And how does Jess defeat her while sticking to her principles of nonviolence? By depressing her into backing down. She pulls Carol into a hug and firmly tells her that Hal doesn't love her, which starts to send Carol into a fury. Jess then sympathizes with her but insists that her feelings for Hal aren't mutual. This drives Carol into tears, which Jess then comforts her through.
    • On the other hand, Hal isn't entirely without pity in this situation either. Hal Jordan has enough Willpower to operate a device capable of faster-than-light travel and is considered one of the most powerful weapons in the universe. Carol Ferris just being around him is enough to terrify him to the point he can't use the Ring. And we see in other instances that she's willing to manipulate others to make Hal jealous.
  • "#ShockItToMe" in its entirety. And not just from the humiliating videos Livewire keeps posting.
    • The Superhero Girls, except for Wonder Woman, being humiliated in their battles against Livewire leave them unwilling to even fight. Babs, in particular, was reduced to tears when Livewire displays the humiliation in front of her "fans".
    • In the case of the Amazon herself, she fights her with her best efforts, and is given the same Curb-Stomp Battle as the other girls, all while everyone just laughs. Then everyone sees how serious it is and stops laughing.
  • The ending of the first part of "#DCSuperHeroBoys" gave us a flashback on the destruction of Krypton when Kara was only a child.
  • "#Frenemies": Barbara's fallout with her friends. Her friends were reluctant to tell her how they really felt about Harleen, but Barbara forced them to via the Lasso of Truth. Once she sees that Kara, whose truth was more elaborate than the others, wasn't even bound by the Lasso, she gives up.
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  • "#SoulSisters": Wonder Woman enters It's All My Fault mode as she realizes that she basically led her friends to their deaths due to Katana wiping the floor with them in less than two minutes.
  • "#Scrambled Eggs": Kara and Harleen lost the egg and cried.
  • "#Living The Nightmare": Karen's public speaking nightmare has her being humiliated wearing a bunny outfit, leaving her a mess that's sucking her thumb.
  • "#AllAboutZee": She may have turned out to be a villain, but it's hard to not feel at least a little bad for Casey, especially when she cries the second time.
  • "#TheBirdAndTheBee": After defeating Hath-Set, Karen encourages Carter to be with Shiera. But then he decides to stand her up to keep her safe.
    Karen: You'll never get the chance to love her!
  • "#SchoolGhoul": Silver Banshee was the spirit of Siobhan Mc Dougal, who was made the leader of Clan Mc Dougal. But the ancestor of the Headmaster of Mc Dougal Academy murdered Siobhan by pushing her off of a high tower into the ocean. Her spirit then searched the Academy for what was rightfully hers. When her spirit possesses the Headmaster, he learns her story, and gives back to her the stickpin that was the sign of leadership of the Clan.


  • The short "#KaraCare" had a brief one where after a battle with Metallo, Diana sees Kara severely weakened, and unable to move on her own. Once Barbara tells everyone Kara suffered massive Kryptonite overexposure, Diana realizes she'd put Kara in that spot, admitting with tears in her eyes, It's All My Fault.
  • "#TacoTuesday ". Basically, Karen is so hungry her stomach is growling and just wants to get the last taco, but Giganta keeps trying to steal it, just to be a jerk. While it does end with Giganta not getting the taco either and being punished, poor Karen still has to go hungry.

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