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Tearjerker / Crayon Shin-chan

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Dad. Do you remember me?

Episodes from the anime/manga

  • In the Gag Dub, The Flamer having to leave the school, and Penny suffering from a broken heart because of it.
  • After Himawari was born, there were a couple of episodes where Shinnosuke of all people felt that he wasn't loved anymore due to Hiroshi and Misae giving more attention to the newborn.
  • In one episode, Kazama is leaving to go to a new school, so Shin sings a goodbye song for him. The Vitello version can also bring a tear to the eye.
Episodes from the manga

The original manga has some touching stuff that the anime has to tone down for comedy's sake.

  • The end of Miss Ume's relationship with Doctor Tokuro, as he dies tragically... on a terrorists' attack in his hotel when he was in South America. You have Miss Ume, who was unlucky with men, finding a stable relationship with Tokuro, that was transformed in a long-distance relationship not so much before his death. She even fell into depression with suicidal thoughts because of his fate. The anime at least leaves it on a bittersweet note before he was Put on a Bus.
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  • This one is extremely upsetting. Shiro comes across an abandoned kitten who is sick. He immediately starts to bring his food to share with it, but unfortunately, the kitten is too sick and dies. Shiro comes across the woman who abandoned the kitten and barks furiously at her, but can't do much else.


  • In The Storm Called: The Adult Empire Strikes Back, the scene of Hiroshi remembering his entire life growing up, getting his job, meeting Misae, having Shin, and leading a tough, but rich family life. After remembering everything the scene ends with him hugging shin to assure he remembers him..
    Shin: Dad. Do you remember me?
    Hiroshi: Yes. (tearfully embraces his son) Yes.
  • In Pig's Hoof's Secret Mission, Hiroshi and Misae watching on the tv that his son, among his group of friends, were missing during a boat attack. Of course, they are fine but imagine the horror and grief they must have felt in that scene, not to mention, we only saw the reactions of shin's parents
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  • The tenth movie ends on a rather bittersweet note. The Nahara family went back in time and saved a nation with the help of a samurai named Matabe; however, someone shoots him and no one knows who did it. Matabe dies, but not before having a heartwarming speech with Shin and gifting him with a small sword. The princess, who fell in love with Matabe is heartbroken and would never love nor marry a man until the end where she is reunited with Matabe in the afterlife. Fortunately, the movie ends on a sweeter note that Matabe died for his country content with a smile, the Nohara family saved history, and they see Matabe’s cloud to know that he’s watching over them in the afterlife.


  • The death of Yoshito Usui, the author of the entire series
  • The death of Rokuro Naya, who was Enchou/the Director's first original voice. Specially tearjerking are the tributes of Shin mourning him

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