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Tearjerker / Cow and Chicken

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  • In, "Comet!," Chicken starts a hoax that a comet named Dad's Ball is going to strike the earth, then tries to cash in on the hoax by selling safety gear (old underwear, or discarded buckets and helmets with space decorations sprinkled on them). Cow is incredibly upset at the prospect of Dad's Ball comet flattening the earth, and even digs a hole in the backyard for her makeshift time capsul (a small cardboard box containing Crabs the Warthog, Piles the Beaver, and Manure the Bear); Chicken feels guilty and finally fesses up about the comet was Dad's golfball he dangled in front of the observatory telescope all along. What makes this such a tearjerker isn't so much Cow is bawling like a baby over the possibility of life on earth becoming extinct, but that this is the first time Chicken shows any kind of sympathy and compassion to Cow, and the sight of Cow burying her treasured possessions drives him to tears of guilt and remorse. Aw, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other cranked Up to Eleven!
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  • For all the silliness involved in, "Cow's Fly," for said fly to be killed in the end, much to Cow's heartbreak, followed by her, Chicken, and Red Guy holding a funeral for it by flushing it down the toilet does kind of get to you. Red Guy even redeems himself, somewhat, by offering Cow a weenie he has as a new playmate for her.
  • A milder case towards the end of, "Be Careful What You Wish For," in which Chicken is sentenced to 50 years in jail after Red Guy misinterprets her charades in court (as she was giving Chicken the silent treatment after he wished for her to shut up forever). 50 years later, Cow pays Chicken a visit in jail, where he finally apologies to her and asks for forgiveness, so Cow finally tells Chicken (within earshot of Red Guy) that she was trying to tell everyone he was not guilty. He's released from jail and returns home.
    Old Dad: Chicken? Long time, no see.
    Old Mom: Where ya been these last 50 years, sonny?
    Old Dad: Out on a date?

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  • Cow and the clown getting grounded in "Send in The Clowns" for playing hooky is rather sad, since both start tearing up that they can't see each other anymore.
  • Cow getting berated by Chachi in "Chachi the Chewing Gum Seal" after she helps him get back at Chicken for continually chewing him. It's so heartbreaking to see that Cow is generally being the Nice Girl she usually is, but gets insulted by the person whom she helped out.
    Chachi: "Don't patronize me, you freak! I'm sick of your yapping! You're a waste of bones and organs!"
    Cow: "(in tears) Chachi, how could you be so cruel? (starts crying) Oh, Chachi! I wished I never chewed you at all! (places Chachi under the table and continues to cry while heading to another room)"

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