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Tearjerker / Chasing Dragons

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Spoilers Off applies to all "Moments" pages, so all spoilers are unmarked.

  • Eddard Stark gets several.
    • His father Rickard is set up to be Spared by the Adaptation only to be captured and executed anyway. What's more up until being informed by the Targaryean delegation Ned was holding onto a hope for saving him.
    • Lyanna still dies. And this time Ned can't even be with Lyanna in her final moments ITTL, or bring her remains home to be laid to rest.
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    • Brandon lives! But even without becoming a jerkass like in Summer Crowns, Ned still has to effectively go into exile to avoid a crisis in the House. The fact the brothers still love each other only makes them parting ways forever like this more heartbreaking.
  • We later learn some of the sex slaves Robert freed ended up committing suicide anyway.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones, and that is a major motive for the slaver soldiers we see the POV of. They want to protect their family's lives and prosperity from the carnage the Sunset Company brings. Much as you may hate their cause, the realization these men died for nothing and their nightmares likely came true in the Sack can hit you in the feels.
  • The fate of the women captured and dragged to the Palace of Order by Ironborn to be enjoyed by the victorious men of the Company. Can also be one if you were rooting for the SC only to realize the depths they will sink to as well.
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  • Things actually go worse for the Martells than canon.
  • Balon's stubborn efforts to assert his authority over Victarion seems to have driven a wedge between the brothers as opposed to their relation in canon. As Balon was ordering him to leave his post as Master of Ships and his hard earned power and popularity in Myr, many consider it a moment of Awesome with Victarion breaking from his canon path as Balon's flunky.
  • A village of poor fisherfolk, who quite literally have little knowledge and less to do with the struggles of cities, kings and nations. End up being the first slaughtered in the First Slave War, with only three people surviving.
  • The Pentos Conference makes it pretty clear that the relationship between Robert and Jon Arryn will never be as close as it once was.
  • The Myrish Remnant pretty much runs on these, in addition to This Is Unforgivable!
  • When the Dothraki come calling for their tribute on Pentos the Braavosi authorities despite their hate for the slavers pay them tribute to protect their new subjects. The Khal offended by their refusal to give him slaves, takes their gifts; and ravages Pentoshi villages anyway. People freed by the Braavosi and Sunset Company ended up either killed or returned to slavery.
    • Ned takes it on himself to avenge them.
  • Ned's Heroic BSoD after the battle.
    • It also hammers home that this Ned will never likely be the same man we knew in canon.
  • The military graveyard outside of Myr. While it can be Heartwarming how it tries to honor the various creeds of its soldiers; it reminds you that for all its victories many never lived to celebrate the Kingdom of Myr's success.
  • The Battle of Tyrosh. While it can certainly be seen as awesome, the Braavosi fleet is still wiped out.
    • Also its implied that Stannis retreating leaving the Braavosi to die will end the budding friendship between the Titan and Iron Throne. And Stannis really did not want to betray his allies, he was just convinced that the situation was hopeless and he had to save what he could.
  • Jonothor's personal struggle regarding creating a schism with the Faith leadership. On the one had the need to seek justice and truth against the corrupt establishment and doctrines he can not in good conscience continue to follow. And the other the knowledge that such a schism will most likely see many innocent people, on both sides of the divide, die.


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