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Tearjerker / Charlotte

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Some of these example may contain spoilers, so please read at your own risk.

Episode 2

  • The entire Nao's Dark and Troubled Past story, particularly in the part when she told Yuu that her brother didn't recognize her after one year apart.

Episode 3

  • Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment, the scene where Misa (in Yusa's body) parts with her friends. The tearjerking part is when one of her friends (Shou, to be exact) can't get over the fact that she's already dead as Nao says, since he actually harbors feelings towards her. He then does an Anguished Declaration of Love to Misa and expresses a tearful It's All My Fault speech. Thankfully, the scene becomes heartwarming since Misa says she already forgave them and tells her friends to keep moving on with their lives without having any guilt regarding the past.

Episode 5

  • Nao's mobbing scene by a group of angry girl students. What makes it a sad moment is Nao just calmly listening to her MP3 player with a flat expression when she receives the beating, not intending to return a single punch. It suggests that as a friendless loner, the beating is a typical treatment from other people who hate her, and no one will stand by her side. Even Yuu, who sees the beating, just stands behind a wall.
    • The way she bluntly points this out, as well as Joujirou implying he knows this is going to happen when Nao gets dragged out of the room, makes it even worse. Nao's so used to getting beaten up that she doesn't seem to care that even her few friends aren't coming to help her.

Episode 6

  • Seeing a cheerful Ayumi terrified after being chased by her Yandere friend with a cutter blade already in her hand makes the audience feel sad for Ayumi. To make it much worse, the whole situation makes her awaken her ability that ultimately kills her, as revealed in Episode 7.
  • The Stinger scene. Kumagami standing above blood-soaked debris, indicating that someone was actually hit by the rubble.

Episode 7

  • Oh... the majority of this episode. Ayumi is confirmed dead. Yuu attends Ayumi's funeral and goes to a Heroic BSoD in the process. He isn't very happy when his ex-crush goes to visit him. He starts to undergo Sanity Slippage and becomes aggressive, then starts a bad habit because of the grief. He almost ends up doing drugs in the process. Thankfully, Nao is there for him and the episode becomes much more heartwarming in the end.
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  • In a heartwarming context, the scene where Yuu ate the omelet rice Nao made for him. She cooks an omelet rice with pizza sauce, which according to Yuu has the exact same taste as Ayumi's omelet rice. Nao reveals that she borrowed a recipe book made by Yuu's mother which was later inherited by Ayumi. On the omelet rice page, there are words that are marked with a big flowery circle symbol. Written in it: "secret sauce - have a good day, Yuu!". Nao's omelet rice reminds Yuu of the last omelet rice Ayumi made for him in episode 3, and Yuu tearfully eats all of it, accompanied by an equally tearjerking BGM.

Episode 9

  • The facts that Ayumi triggers her collapse ability in the testing room of the research facility where she and Yuu being held as test subjects. That means somehow they able to makes her feel threatened or stressed to the point she almost destroys the entire research facilty building.
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  • The realization of one researcher that he's going to be killed as punishment for helping Yuu out of his room to save his sister.
  • Shichino's off-screen Heroic Sacrifice. after Yuu steals his permeation ability, he pushes Yuu through the wall to escape from the guards. Seconds later, gunfire is heard from behind the wall.

Episode 10

  • Every time Shun uses his time-leap, he lost his eyesight gradually, to the point he finally becomes blind when he takes his last leap to create the original timeline of the series.
    • Shunsuke repeatedly failing at his and Kumagami's plans, despite the number of times he uses his ability. One of the last few times, Shun even wonders to himself exactly how many times he's tried to fix things.

Episode 11

  • Kumagami is captured and tortured by the terrorist group. No matter what, he insists on not spilling any beans about the ability wielder's syndicate (Shun and his friends). Unfortunately, the terrorist already prepared some truth serum for him and injects it to him, which makes him scream painfully. When he awakes, he finds himself bleeding profusely from the loss of his nails which were forcefully removed from his fingers and toes. The worst part? The terrorists already knew about the syndicate.
    • The reason why he got caught is because his fellow syndicate, Furuki, is blackmailed by said terrorist group to give them one of syndicate member. Kumagami initially show concerned expression, but when Furuki tells him that the terrorist group already have the hands on his family, he choose to surrender and going along with their game instead.
  • Two of the terrorist henchmen searching for another ability wielder to lure out their main target, Yuu: none other than Nao. She easily dispatches the first henchman, but the second, muscular henchman easily punches her across her bedroom, instantly knocking her unconscious.
    • The next scene the audience see her, she already hanged unconsciously beside Kumagami, beaten down with many bruises on her body, and stripped only with her lingerie.
  • Yuu screaming painfully as one of the terrorist girl with special ability slashes his right eye, damaging it so he cannot time-leap to the past and repair the timeline.
    • When he's using telekinesis to attack the two main terrorist, the terrorist girl jumps onto his shoulder and stabs him, makes him stressed to the point his collapse ability kicks in.
  • And finally, Kumagami's death. He sacrifices himself to protect Nao from Yuu's rampaging collapse ability, getting impaled by a large rebar pipe in the process. His parting words and Shun's agonizing scream of his name adds to the tearjerking point.

Episode 12

  • Shunsuke has fallen to the state of depression because of Kumagami's death similar to Yuu did in the start of episode 7.
  • Misa informing Yuu that her spirit is just like a balloon held by Yusa as long as her ability stays intact, foreshadowing her disappearance once Yusa's ability is plundered.
    • And when Yusa reads Misa's farewell letter for her, she finally realized that she is actually always with her all this time, but due to their inability to appears together, they are always missing each other.
  • In a heartwarming context, Misa kicks in when Yusa's doing her food show host job, in the soba restaurant owned by their parents. After some good commentary by Yusa, Misa kicks in with harsh commentary, but states that the meal provided by them becomes special and tasty due the love of their parents being the Secret Ingredient. Misa (in Yusa's body) says that while crying out her Tears of Joy, thanking their parents who actually reminds them of Misa in the end.
  • Yuu's confession, as due to Yuu's time-leaping to the past, Nao has no recollection of her constant vigil over Yuu after Ayumi's death, which Yuu states is one of the moments that made him really fall for her.

Episode 13

  • As a side effect of his worldwide journey to steal all abilities, Yuu loses his memories of Nao, who fulfills her end of their promise by re-introducing herself as Yuu's lover.
    • Nao herself even starts crying when she realizes that Yuu doesn't remember her, and he even apologizes to her for it. Fortunately, it becomes a more heartwarming kind of tearjerker shortly after, but her reaction was pretty heartbreaking.

Bonus Episode

  • The reveal that Iori is suffering from a terminal disease and Nao assaulting her friend for trying the Break His Heart to Save Him route.
  • A little bit of dark humor while Yuu is having dinner.
    Yuu: When is this pizza sauce going to run out?

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