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Tearjerker / Castlevania (2017)

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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to this page. Proceed at your own risk.

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    Season 1 


  • Lisa's first meeting with Dracula, where the two quickly warm to each other's company, becomes much Harsher in Hindsight if you already know what happens to her. Indeed, not one minute later, it flashes forward 20 years to show Lisa being accused of witchcraft and burned alive, and with her dying breath, begging Dracula not to hurt anyone, to be better than them. Sadly, we all know what comes next...
    • And the reason why Dracula wasn't there to save her or even hear her dying plea for mercy toward her killers is because he was honoring her suggestion to travel and see the world as a mortal. By the time he found out she was in trouble, it was already too late.
      • Just the way Dracula remarks on how men travel slowly might imply that he partially blames himself for not being there for Lisa. This idea is further backed up by how Dracula's plan is secretly a suicide mission.
  • Despite his visible tears, Dracula actually does a pretty good job keeping himself together as he warns Lisa's elderly neighbor to flee the country and even later when he addresses Lisa's executioners directly. However, once Dracula is alone back in his castle, he's ranting about raising his demonic army and smashing objects in his grief, showing how utterly broken he is after his wife's death.
  • Later Alucard comes to comfort his father over what happened, all the while pleading with him not to give in to his wrath. It doesn't work.
    Alucard: I grieve with you...
    • And immediately afterward, Dracula lashes out and severely wounds his own son.
  • Dracula's final line as he sends out his armies to slaughter carries a sorrowful tone, as he knows it's not what Lisa wanted, but he can't bear not to do it anyway, because not only is she gone, he can't die and follow her.
    Dracula: Kill, for the only true love I have ever known. Kill, for the endless lifetime of hate before me.


  • The death of the bishop can be a little sad, not because he didn't deserve it but because neither Dracula nor Alucard were the ones to do the deed or even knew who the guy was.
  • Trevor futilely begging with the Speakers to leave. He resorts to hiding them in the catacombs, and leading their would-be-murderers on a chase around the city to save the Speakers. He's ready to die for them before Sypha appears.
  • Alucard's reaction when he learns he's been asleep for a year, while his father has rampaged against the humans, and that Trevor and Sypha can help him kill Dracula. He calmly gets dressed after ending the fight with Trevor, and tells them they have a chance to defeat Dracula. He doesn't sound happy or sad about it; Alucard is stoic and resigned. He clearly doesn't want to fight his father again, but his only other option is to let Wallachia burn.

    Season 2 
War Council
  • Lisa's pleading to the bishop that there is nothing evil, demonic or heretical about her medical tools or practice after he and his lackeys force themselves into her home. His response is to immediately order her to be taken to Targoviste for an inquisition and for her entire study filled with knowledge and instruments capable of saving countless lives to be burned to the ground.
    Lisa: Please! He's come so far, don't make him do it! No, don't make him kill you all! Please!
    • Probably the worst part is knowing that this happened in Real Life to truly good and innocent people just like Lisa regularly in the 15th Century...
  • Sypha bidding her Speaker family good-bye. Since she, Alucard and Trevor were going to fight Dracula, there was no telling for her if she'd see her family ever again.
  • Alucard drawing his parents' face in the dirt and sadly wiping each of their faces out, knowing he'll have to kill his father to keep his promise to his mother.

Old Homes

  • Dracula's rage over Carmilla asking why he didn't turn Lisa into a vampire if he loved her so much or if he just got too attached to a pet. As Alucard and the viewers know, Dracula is capable of being compassionate, but Carmilla either doesn't believe it, or just wants to see how far she can push the vampire lord.
  • Isaac's backstory. A slave in the Holy Land, he loved his master for taking him off the street, and wanted to try and learn to read in order to help him, only to be whipped out of "love" and killing the man in heartbroken anger.

Shadow Battle

  • Trevor reveals that the Belmont mansion was burned down so long ago that he doesn't even remember his age when it happened, ballparking it to 13-15. Alucard is actually disturbed to realize that he had more of a childhood than Trevor.
    • As they pass the tree Trevor used to play in when he was younger, he seems sad at seeing the worn out state of it.
    Trevor: (sighing) Good night, tree.
  • It's mostly played for humor, but Sypha and Alucard's merciless jokes about the Belmont family and their relics have to sting, especially since all the Belmonts - every member of Trevor's family - are dead. Trevor says nothing direct about it, but his replies are mostly "Shut up", rather than any returning quips. Alucard's suggestion that the Belmonts were chased out of France is particularly harsh.

Broken Mast

  • For anyone who has either witnessed or experienced grief and/or depression, Sypha's words about Alucard and Trevor might hit a little close to home:
    Sypha: It's lonely even when you're standing next to him. It's strange.
    Trevor: How so?
    Sypha: I'm not sure...but it's like he's a cold spot in the room. It's not like your sadness.
    Trevor: I'm not sad.
    Sypha: Yes, you are. But I can shout at you or tease you and get a reaction that lets me know you're still in there. His sadness is like an icy well. It's bottomless. And it swallows up your voice and anything you try to drop into it.
    Trevor: Am I really sad?
    Sypha: All the time. You don't even notice it now. It's just how you are.

Last Spell

  • Dracula's sheer ambivalence about how exactly to go about his extermination campaign. He used to relish it, but even given how horrifying his goal truly is, it's hard not to pity him for how little he cares about anything anymore.
    • Despite being the tallest character in the show, he seems so small when he sits in his chair and confides to Isaac just how tired he is of everything. All he can tell him is, "I'm tired". Lisa's death truly was the day he died as well.
    • Every time Dracula sits down, he seems to just collapse into his chair, propping his head on one hand and staring into the fire, too paralyzed by grief to do much else.

For Love
"Your greatest gift to me... and I'm killing him."
  • Dracula throwing Isaac to safety and Isaac's desperation to get back and protect his lord. They're villains but there is no denying they care for each other.
  • Alucard pointing out that all of this madness his father was going through in trying to rid the world of human's was pointless and how it was, "history's longest suicide note".
  • The look on Dracula's face when he realizes he's hurled Alucard through a wall and into his childhood bedroom.
  • The last part of the fight between Dracula and Alucard. Despite all the anger, determination, and willingness for both to see their goals to the end, it still dawns on them horribly that it's a father and son fighting each other to the death. Then, in the midst of their battle, they barge into Alucard's childhood bedroom. Once he realizes where they are, Dracula begins to break down in tears upon this realization.
    Dracula: It's your room... My boy... I'm- I'm killing my boy... Lisa... I'm killing our boy. We painted this room. We... made these toys. It's our boy, Lisa... your greatest gift to me... and I'm killing him. I must already be dead.
    • The Japanese dub makes Dracula even makes him sound more pitiable, to the point he sounds like he's literally in tears.
  • Alucard kills his father by driving a wooden stake — made from a snapped-off post from his childhood bed — through him. As Dracula's bloody tears run down his eyes, he and his son share their last words.
    Dracula: Son...
    Alucard: Father...
    (Alucard drives the stake deeper into Dracula's chest, then makes one last push as the stake exits through Dracula's back)
    • What makes their final words together even more heartbreaking is that it mirrors the hostile exchange they had before the fight started.
    • As Dracula withers and rots, he reaches for Alucard's face, possibly to embrace his son one last time — and then Trevor bursts in and decapitates him, no doubt adding to Alucard's trauma.
  • Assuming he doesn't have the power of dominance in this continuity, the factor of Dracula's death after being incinerated by Sypha is saddening. All those moaning and screaming faces coming from black smoke is all that Dracula's soul is at the end.
  • When Sypha burns Dracula's remains to ashes, the last trace of him that's left behind is his wedding ring.
  • Dracula is finally defeated, but Alucard expresses no joy in what has ensued.
    Sypha: Is... is that it?
    Trevor: Alucard, did we... do it?
    Alucard: We did. I... killed my father.
    • And when Sypha says that it's all right to mourn the man that Dracula was, Alucard quietly says "He died a long time ago."
  • Alucard visibly trembling as the trio exits the castle.

End Times
  • Alucard asking Trevor to make the castle his grave. He frames it as a way to ensure that his and Trevor's families' secrets remain safe, but it's clear that he just wants to die after having to kill his father.
  • The last scene of this episode, and the season as a whole, is Alucard breaking down in tears, grieving for his parents because they're both dead now, one by his hand. You will want to give Alucard a hug.
    • Perhaps most tragic is that this was the absolute best outcome Alucard could hope for: his long life ahead of him, completely alone. It's little wonder why he wanted to make the castle his grave.

    Season 3 
Bless Your Dead Little Hearts
  • While it's played to be somewhat funny, just watching Alucard eat alone and then conversing with dolls he's made of his friends that he can converse with can hit a bit too hard when you remember his state at the end of season 2.


The Harvest

  • Peering through the portal to Hell, Trevor and Sypha see Dracula... with Lisa in his embrace. It's understandable why he would be there after everything he's done, but Lisa's only sin was falling in love with Dracula.
  • When Taka and Sumi waltz into Alucard's room to seduce him, Genre Savvy viewers will instantly tell something's up with them, but Alucard has spent so much time alone after killing his father that this sudden act of companionship and affection causes him to sheds a tear when they're making love to him.
    • The scene becomes even worse when you recall just how lonely Alucard is. After almost a lifetime of isolation and grief, and months all on his own with his state of mind deteriorating, he finally encounters two young, kind and enthusiastic people that respect him, want to learn from him, and want to be close to him. You can see how taken aback he is when they kiss him. Of course they betray him. Of course he's forced to kill whom he thought were his only friends. And of course it ends with him being reaffirmed in his belief that loneliness and isolation is the right and only way for him.

Abandon All Hope

  • The ending to the entire season as a whole. It's fitting that the episode's name is "Abandon All Hope", as while the worst of it is over, the only people to come out ahead are the bad guys. To whit:
    • Trevor and Sypha stop the attempted resurrection of Dracula, but are left embittered, Sypha especially, by their failure to save even a single person in Lindenfeld from being sacrificed and the revelation that their supposed ally, the Judge, was a serial killer who targeted children.
      Trevor: We've spent a couple of months living your life. Adventures and victories. And now, we're living my life.
    • Sumi and Taka betray Alucard out of misplaced paranoia that he's not teaching them enough and is lying about the castle not being able to move anymore. This forces him to kill them both in self-defense, and also kills any sense of hope and desire for companionship as Alucard shuts himself away even further, while deciding to skewer their corpses on pikes outside his front door as a warning to anyone who comes too close to the castle. Just like his father once did.
      Alucard: Well... I suppose I could have put up big signs all over the place. "Do not enter." "Danger of death." "Abandon all hope." That sort of thing. But this seemed to work well enough for dead old Dad.
      • And even beforehand, after he kills the two, he only lays on the bed, covered in their blood and sadly saying "I never lied to you". Far worse is a later scene (before the reveal above) showing Alucard laying in his old childhood bedroom, curled up and weeping, still covered in the sheet that's drenched in Sumi and Taka's blood.
      • Wanna add more sadness to that scene? The spot Alucard's laying on? Where Dracula was burned by Sypha. His ring is even still right there too.
    • Hector is tricked into wearing a slave ring that makes it impossible for him to disobey Carmilla or her sisters, and makes his creatures loyal to them instead. While the end of Season 2 implied Hector was nothing but a "pet", the end of Season 3 solidifies it.
    • Isaac continues to grow in power and by the end of the season, he's killed enough innocent people to make an entire army of monsters, and he shows no signs of stopping his mad conquest even though he's seen proof that not all of humanity is bad.


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