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Tearjerker / Broad City

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  • In "The Lockout", Ilana sitting outside the sandwich shop/'gallery', telling Lincoln that she messed everything up and how she feels like she just can't function. Considering how confident and strong she usually seems, seeing her so vunerable and down on herself is just heartbreaking.
  • In "Knockoffs," Abbi finally gets the chance to go on a date with Jeremy, but it ends almost immediately a fight over Jeremy's interests. Abbi doesn't seem too bummed out, but it's crushing to watch her dream fall apart.
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  • Season three's "Burning Bridges" is a very emotional episode for such a lighthearted show. To start off, Lincoln breaks up with Ilana since he wants to be monogamous with another girl. Ilana does not take it well, to put it lightly. Then, Trey finds out that Abbi was only dating and sleeping with him as a joke and he is clearly heartbroken. Even Abbi realizes she was an asshole for doing it and she started to catch feelings for him.
  • “Broad City” - the series finale. Abbi is moving to Colorado and is spending her last day in NYC with Ilana, but the latter had not been taking the news well for the last few episodes, and it even drives her to tears while out with Abbi. Then later that night after throwing Abbi a farewell party, Abbi leaves while Ilana is sleeping so it wouldn’t be hard on them, but as Abbi is getting in a cab to leave, Ilana rushes out to catch her, and the two share a tearful, loving goodbye. Thankfully they still keep in touch even months later.

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