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Tearjerker / Black Mirror Series Five

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  • Striking Vipers
    • Theo holding back tears while calling Danny out on ignoring her during their anniversary dinner, crying about how she feels like she's being ignored and Danny's drifting away from her.
    • The Bittersweet Ending is a bit bleaker than usual - Danny reveals his virtual reality affair with Karl to his wife and reaches a compromise with Theo in which, every year, on his birthday, Danny is free to have virtual reality sex with Karl-as-Roxette while Theo can sleep with a man at the bar. Neither party seems particularly happy about this agreement though, and it's implied that their marriage is permanently fractured.
  • Smithereens
    • Christopher's whole backstory. Basically, he was the victim of a terrible car accident in which a drunk driver ran into his car, killing his fiancee in the process. However, the accident was also partially his fault as well, because he was looking at a notification that popped up on his phone while he was driving. So while the drunk driver was blamed for everything and everyone felt utterly horrible for him, Chris was wracked with Survivor's Guilt and knew that he could've prevented the tragedy if he hadn't been distracted, all the while keeping that fact to himself.
    • Hayley recounting her daughter's suicide and her heartbreak over not knowing what was going on and being angry that she couldn't do anything to stop it.
    • The possible Downer Ending - whatever the outcome was for Jaden and Christopher personally, the ending shows that in the wider world, nothing changed. All the smartphone addicts who'd been glued to the hostage situation go back to their routines. Billy Bauer will return to his own life, leaving it ambiguous if Christopher's story really affected him — and even if it did, he himself admits that he really doesn't have any real power to change what Smithereen has become, even if he quits the company. Even Christopher's Last Request to get Hayley the password to her daughter's account turns out to be something she likely would've figured out by trial and error on her own eventually. Christopher openly admits this, that he has no actual demands to make of Billy and doesn't care what Billy does after he hears his story; all he wanted was to be heard.
  • Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too
    • Ashley's entire ordeal. Forced by her Aunt Catherine to perform as pop star Ashley O to the detriment of her mental health, being forcibly medicated to keep her docile and then put into an induced coma so they can extract music from her mind and eventually kill her.
    • Jack and Rachel coping with the loss of their mother.
    • Rachel thinking that Ashley Too had killed Ashley O and crying over her body.
    • Ashley tearfully begging to be released after waking up from her coma.

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