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Tearjerker / Barney & Friends

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For a series that's (in)famous for featuring a very cheerful dinosaur (along with three smaller cheerful dinosaurs) teaching children how to be polite and care for one another, the show has moments that make people tear up.

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    The Whole Series 

    The Backyard Gang 
  • Tina saying goodbye to Moonkin in Three Wishes.
    • Also, "Friends Are Forever". This song is sung by Michael and Amy's mother and is about how friendships will last forever, when they're make-believe. This is a heartwarming/tearjerker song because it portrays the almost sad idea that a friend might and eventually will leave. That's why imagination and pretend is so important because your make-believe friends will last forever.
    • This was the last episode of the set at the time, so it wasn't clear that Barney would ever come back.
    • A minor one, but even the kids saying goodbye to Barney (before he turns back into a doll) is also a bit tearjerking.
  • Derek making a wish for new friends in Waiting for Santa.
  • Tina getting lost in the forest in Campfire Sing-Along.
  • Barney's big speech in the end of Barney in Concert counts as both this and heartwarming.

    Season One 
  • In the episode "Caring Means Sharing", Baby Bop having a tummy ache from eating all "the cookies from the cookie jar." She hides under her blanket and cries in pain until the others cheer her up with a song.
  • Poor Tina having no luck in the majority of the episode, "Oh, What a Day". At one point, she's on the verge of CRYING.
  • At the beginning of the episode, "Hop to It!", Tina is sad when she can't do a basketball trick as well as her older sister. She sings a short sad song to the Barney doll, before he comes to life.
  • Kathy has her share of these moments as well:

    Season Two 
  • Baby Bop briefly losing her "blankey" in "My Favorite Things"
  • "Grandparents Are Grand" has Tina missing her abuelo, who lives far away. We even get a close-up of her sad face, as she looks at Kathy and Derek with their grandparents.
  • Tina breaking her arm and getting a cast the day before the events of "Red, Blue, and Circles Too!"
    • Also, when she briefly gets hurt while spinning a hula hoop on her already-broken arm.

    Season Three 
  • "Someone to Love You Forever" in the episode "A Welcome Home". Enough said.
  • The very last appearances of Tina and Derek in the episode "On the Move".
    • Also, the new kid Kenneth missing his friends from his older home.
  • "Hats Off to BJ": BJ getting upset when his hat gets lost after being blown away in the wind and landing on a mail truck can be this for anyone who has lost a favorite thing of theirs that they can not/do not want to live without. The kids try to find a replacement hat and even make one from materials in the Barney Bag to try to cheer up BJ. It's a good thing his hat was found and returned to him by the mailman at the end of the episode.

    Season Four 

    Season Five 

    Season Six 

    Season Seven 

    Season Eight 


    Season Nine 

    Season Ten 

    Season Eleven 
  • "A Pot Full of Sunshine": Baby Bop finds a flower to raise. The next day, it dies in the autumn frost. Barney comforts her with a song called "When Tomorrow Comes," that shows saying goodbye to people and things that have died or otherwise gone away is part of growing. Barney and co. then help her feel better by simply telling her (in song) they'll always be by her side.
    Season Twelve 

    Season Thirteen 
  • Meta example: The fact that this season was the last one (as season 14 just had repeats of previous episodes).
    Barney's Great Adventure 
  • Cody refuses to believe in Barney or his magic and when they have a heart to heart talk, Barney seems almost sad that such a young kid is so skeptical. It suddenly becomes heartwarming when Cody admits Barney's a pretty cool dinosaur in the end
    Other Media 
  • From Sing and Dance With Barney:
    Michael: We think you're a Super Dee Duper friend to all of us, too, Barney.
    Linda: That's right!
    Michael: From the oldest...
    Linda: ...To the youngest!
    All Present (except Barney): You can always count on us!
    • It's especially a tearjerker when you realize how suddenly it seemed that they grew up.
    • Even more so, because it's the last special to feature a Backyard Gang member (Michael).
    • Meta example from the trivia page: John Bennett II not being able to return to play Shawn for this video (despite the fact that he wanted to) due to previous contractual obligations around the time of filming.
  • In the video "Let's Play School", Baby Bop gets saddened when hearing the kids sing "Today We Can Say" about what they learned due to the fact that, unlike them, she is not old enough for school. Fortunately, it doesn't last long as Barney, BJ, and the kids decide to play school with Baby Bop and allow her to be the teacher.

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