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Tear Jerker / Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger

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Episode 32: Abare Bakuryuu Full Throttle

  • Asuka's death, is there something else to say?

Episode 33: Don't Forget the Abare Warrior

  • The Abarangers mourning Asuka can hit you pretty hard.
  • Stegoslidon finally realizing that he messed up big by siding with AbareKiller after the latter joined the Evolians. Sadly, having turned against his friends, he doesn't really see a way out of his own mess.

Episode 48: The Final Abare Game

  • Mikoto and TopGaler's Heroic Sacrifice. Hits you especially hard because they finally found a place where they belonged and are willing to sacrifice themselves for it. Even Mikoto admitted how ironic it was that, after being a Death Seeker the entire series, he finally found a reason to live for, only to die precisely because of it. Not that he felt bad about it, but still.


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