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Tearjerker / Assassin's Creed Origins

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Unmarked spoilers below.

  • The game really makes it clear how much Bayek loves his son Khemu in your brief father-bonding time. The fact the Order of the Ancients not only threaten to kill him but actually make sure they redirect Bayek's blade to be the one to kill him show these particular Templars are scumbags on a tier with Rodrigo and Cesare.
    • One of the constellations has Bayek and Khemu talking about the kid having a crush on a girl he knows. Bayek comments that his son is growing up too fast for him.
  • One of the main quests involves a seer giving Bayek a dream/nightmare where he, after some trials and tribulations, ends up finding his son in the Field of Reeds. Afterwards you can go back to the seer for a quest in which Bayek asks the man to rid him of this apparently recurring nightmare. During this quest the seer asks Bayek to recount the story of the dream, and he does. When he reaches the part where he encounters his son, Bayeks's voice utterly breaks on the words, and he's ultimately unable to finish...
  • The Foregone Conclusion that Cleopatra is going to turn out to be a bad guy who sides with the Templars, Egypt is going to lose its independence, Julius Caesar is going to be assassinated by the Assassins, and the whole world as the heroes know it is going to die out. Then you get to see it happen.
    • There's also the fact Bayek and Aya believed they could defeat the Order of the Ancients but their conflict will literally span another two thousand years without interruption and no sign of ending any time soon. The fact it begins as a simple Roaring Rampage of Revenge also means it's not nearly the ideological crusade many assassins believe it to be.
  • Shadya's death at the hands of the Crocodile. Bayek and Aya are not the only grieving father and mother in the game.
    • The build-up just makes it worse. Bayek learns Shadya and her mother have been taken by the Crocodile, and rushes to their location, where it's possible to overhear two guards lamenting what the Crocodile did as unnecessary. Then you find Khemut, just staring at the water and weeping. It doesn't take much to put two and two together when Senu's scan shows you to go underwater...
    • The fallout to this tragedy is also sad, as Khenut devolves into a sobbing wreck gone mad with the loss of her daughter, while Hotephres sleeps around in the locale after giving up on both his daughter and wife. Fortunately, they snap back after seeing the real battles which need to end.
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    • The murder of Shadya was so bad that the Gallic Brothers, one of the most vicious bosses in the arena, leave the Crocodile in disgust rather than follow through the act of her murdering a child.
    • It can cross into Nightmare Fuel territory if you find Shadya by swimming to it, seeing her lifeless body still tied to the rock looming out of the murky depths of the Nile...along with other bodies tied to rocks, all victims of the Crocodile.
  • After Act 3, while playing as Layla, it's possible to find some photos of her and her friend. Layla's only comment? She cries. Even if you might have found Layla a little unbearable, it's not hard to feel some sympathy for her at that point.
  • The moment when Septimius is right at Bayek's mercy, and is close to killing him for killing Khemu. Too bad Caesar insisted on him being punished as a Roman. Bayek pretty much loses it as he's betrayed out of his revenge.
    • Also the fact that later in-game Septimius pretty much brainwashes both Caesar and Cleopatra into becoming their new Puppet King who turn on Bayek and Aya weeks later. For Want of a Nail indeed...
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  • Despite being a member of the Order of the Ancients, the Hyena is surprisingly sympathetic. She doesn't want power or to rule over others, she just wants to find a way to resurrect her daughter who died as a child. Even when she's dead, she begs the lord of the Duat to bring her to her child. Unlike the others, Bayek clearly takes no satisfaction in her death.
  • The death of the Scorpion as well. He pretty much admits the Order went too far in persuading Bayek in Siwa and actually apologized to Bayek, and still has hopes that the Order is just for Egypt and the world.
  • Taharqa's wife horrified, heartbroken reaction to learning that her husband was the Scarab, and thus responsible for so much death and destruction, including the torture and mutilation of her father. When she tearfully begs her father to assure her its not true, all he can do is solemnly confirm that it is indeed true.
    • Kawab, his son's, reaction is just as bad. He harmlessly punches Bayek, claiming he'll have his revenge and that he hates him. When he becomes an adult, Kawab starts his own organization, the Shadows of the Scarab, making it clear that he still wants revenge for what Bayek did to Taharqa. Fortunately, it has a good ending. Bayek convinces him to let go of his revenge and join the Hidden Ones.
  • Pretty much the plot with most of the sidequests, where Bayek helps either to avenge the deaths of the quest giver, or to stop the atrocities committed by unscrupulous dealers behind the scenes, or helping the quest givers accept the deaths of their loved ones.
  • The situation with Taimhotep, wife of the high priest of Memphis. By the time Bayek meets her, she's lost three children in the last year to miscarriages, and as a woman is blamed for it, even though they're the result of poisoning. One side-mission after Bayek's killed The Lizard begins with her, pregnant again, singing to her unborn child... and if the player waits to hear the whole song, she's unable to finish, instead breaking down into tears.
  • In one mission almost all of Siwa travels to the Mountain of the Dead for Hepzefa’s funeral, and Aya can be found in front of Khemu’s grave. The look on her face is just…


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