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Tear Jerker / ZombiU

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  • When the Prepper discovers that you've been working with Dr. Knight and hears your transmission from the Ravens of Dee again. He flips out and shouts at you to leave his safe house. By reading a document in the safe house, it's revealed to the player that the Prepper and Sandra Kelly - the leader of the Ravens of Dee - knew each other. It explains that Sandra tried to reason with the Prepper, who ultimately declined every offer of hers. After the player leaves, we see the Prepper for the first and last time as he walks about the safe house: his right leg is prosthetic, suggesting - perhaps only to the Prepper's psyche - that he isn't capable of escaping; at the very least, the prosthetic leg diminishes his chances of maneuvering competently alongside the player for a final dash.
  • The E3 trailer. The rendition of "God Save the Queen" doesn't help at all.
    • What might be the most tragic scene in the trailer is the businessman (the third scene). The man has injected himself with the virus (presumably for hopes of an anti-virus?), and decides to commit suicide to avoid reanimation. But when the camera pans to the back of his head, the bullet misses the brain. In the fourth scene, he is attacking a driver that drives off the bridge. We know it's him because of the tie wrapped around his arm.
    • Fridge Horror kicks in when you pay attention to his desk. Alongside a laptop, Newton's cradle, some medication, and a syringe, there is a photo of his wife and child.
  • Though your actual playable characters are meant to be blank slates, enough game time can lead to a player growing attached to their current survivor. It can be incredibly disheartening to lose a survivor the player had been through a lot with and upsetting to have to put them down once infected. Even the Prepper laments the death of particularly accomplished playable characters, lamenting the loss instead of admonishing the failure.

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