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Tear Jerker / Zettai Karen Children

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  • Subverted in episode 29. Minamoto watches as the hospice worker uses her esper powers to help a dying man to hang onto life a little bit longer. He seems to pass away, but then wakes back up and says that he nearly died. The hospice worker then sheds some tears, hugs Minamoto and tells him that she took the form of his long lost love who died in the war, and has to play out scenes like this all the time due to the fact that many of their patients are nearing death. Minamoto then has a revelation when he realizes that she's using her esper powers to try and help people, even if it's something as simple as this. The subversion comes after Kaoru, Shiho, and Aoi teleport there, only to find out he's hanging out with Fujiko and another girl, and get rather angry with him. Kaoru smacks Fujiko into the room where the old man was staying in, and he asks her if he played his part well. Minamoto then realizes it was all a set up, and smacks both Fujiko and the hospice girl into the sky with a crocodile Kaoru brought in. Despite that however, he realizes that the girls need him and reconsiders his resignation.

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