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Tear Jerker / Yowamushi Pedal

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  • Teshima and Aoyagi losing the training camp challenge and subsequent scenes with Tadokoro comforting them and crying.
  • Midousuji's backstory.
  • Arakita dropping out of the Inter-High on the third day.
    • If the shock and sadness of the other members of Arakita's team wasn't enough, then Onoda shouting Arakita's name and desperately telling his own team that Arakita's dropped back. They aren't even on the same team, but Onoda desperately wants Arakita to stay in the Inter-High. Made even worse because Arakita pulled Onoda and Manami out of the pack and past their teammates.
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    • Arakita thinking about how all he wants is Fukutomi to praise him.
  • Naruko wearing out his body to the point of Temporary Blindness and collapsing.
  • Manami tearfully apologizing to his team for losing to Onoda on the last stretch of the Inter-High race.
  • Sugimoto losing the second first-year race to Kaburagi despite training hard for a year and pushing himself so much that even Naruko and Imaizumi cheered for him.
  • Again with Naruko when he returns home to Osaka and has a run in with Midousuji, he gives his all in a race to the point where his nose bleeds and he still loses, Naruko breaks down and cries, because he had to give up being a Sprinter if he lost and become an All-Rounder.
  • Naruko again on the first day of the second Interhigh. He, Midousuji, and Ashikiba are only a small distance from the finish line; all three use the trick Midousuji used to beat Shinkai at the Sprinter's Checkpoint the year prior, and Ashikiba places first followed by Naruko then Midousuji. Naruko keeps on a brave face and feigns that he is okay, but the second he is alone, he collapses and cries.

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