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Tear Jerker / Yatterman Night

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  • Dorothy's final words to Leopard. The anguish on Leopard's face is just too painful to watch.
  • Leopard finally seeing her childhood heroes in person, only for them to shoot at her for trespassing on Yatter Kingdom territory. The poor girl becomes so disillusioned after that.
  • The utter Mood Whiplash in the second episode after the new Doronbo gang ends up drenched in the river. Suddenly you see Leopard stripped of her confident and powerful image as the newest Doronjo, leaving behind a cold, shivering, miserable little girl.
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  • Alouette and Galina's backstory.
  • Alouette's reaction to the gang leaving. She thought she found her angels, the kind souls that would finally lead her to her parents... and they leave. She gets so upset she starts running after them, lack of sight be damned.
  • Galina rushing to get Alouette out of their house to avoid being blown up by the Yattermen. His anguished screams as the Yatterman captain counts down to zero really sell the feeling of hopelessness in this situation. And then, you end up crying for a completely different reason entirely.
  • Episode 4 in general is depressing, despite the silly episode title. When our group of heroes see farther into the Yatter Kingdom, they figure out that things are absolutely nightmarish in there. This is highlighted by the little couple that the gang interact with during the episode; the husband is going to get sent to Yatter Metropolis for a grand total of 35 years, separated from his wife and unborn child, while all she can do is watch and cheer for her husband's fate while fighting back bitter tears. Several others are taken by the Yattermen in this fashion as well, and there's nothing anyone can do about it. The husband does try to get out of this sentence by exposing the Doronbo to the Yattermen and General Goro, but ultimately it proved to be nothing. He still gets taken away, his wife and child are left without him, and he betrayed a good group of people to do it, too.
    • This also marks the first real big loss for the Doronbo Gang, as they not only failed to stop Goro and the Yatter-Pug robot, but also failed to save their new friends. Voltkatze points out that even if they had managed to save the man, it would only be a matter of time before the Yattermen caught him again, so their saving would only be a minor setback in the grand scheme of things. No wonder Leopard calls this place "Hell".
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  • There's just something a little upsetting about seeing Goro's dog hesitate when he sees Galina, almost as if he's seen him before.
  • The gardener's collapse in episode 6. He just helped the rebel get over the execution fence to get Galina, and he gets shot in the stomach for his efforts. Later on, we see him back in his greenhouse contemplating the traitor's actions, smiling to himself as he reads the "thank you" note the traitor left in the dirt for him. Fortunately, he survives the episode.
  • Near the end of Episode 9, we see that General Goro is taken into prison for failing to capture the Neo-Doronbo again. This time, he's been deprived of any means of escape, and it looks like he's not getting out anytime soon. Suddenly, he sees a skylark- memories flash before his eyes, and he sees A young Alouette playing and laughing on the ground. It looks like someone's trying to remember who he is...
    • on the same episode we see that a elderly Sanpei/Chim Chim is guarding the Mach 5 all by himself, almost as if the Yattermen might have done something horrible to Speed Racer and his family...
  • Goro's Dying Moment of Awesome in episode 11. After finally regaining his lost memories, he decides to help out the Doronbo Gang and take out as many Yatter Soldiers as he can so they can leave Lord Yatterman's castle. The last thing he says before he blows up the building? "ALOUETTE! YOU'RE MY LITTLE ANGEL!"
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  • Just knowing that the original Doronbo were exiled for failing to stop Yatterman even once is pretty sad in of itself. Lord Yatterman's got some hell to pay for their family's suffering over the years.
  • The fact that Gan and Ai, the original Yattermen, failed to stop Dokurobei from destroying the world is bad enough, but the fact that their very legacy has been corrupted and used to brutally enforce fascistic justice is the real point where you start to feel a bit teary-eyed.
  • After all they've been through, Leopard came to release the original Doronbo in the end and ultimately parted ways with Galina and Alouette. Even though she saw to it that the Yatterman duo were redeemed as heroes, the Doronbo became unsung heroes. However, there's a bit of a teary-eyed Heartwarming moment in the last scene, where it's implied that Doronjo was watching Leopard's entire journey to stop Dokurobei rule and closes out the series by wishing her descendant sweet dreams.


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