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Tear Jerker / Yakuza

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Kiryu learns the Essence of Crying.

For a series filled with many awesome moments and badasses, it sure has its equal share of moments that would at least give a few tears.

Games with their own pages

Yakuza: Dead Souls

  • In Ryuji's third chapter, when he finds Tetsu, he also finds that his takoyaki mentor has been turned into a zombie that resembles an octopus. Ryuji, who hasn't really shown a soft spot, is clearly devastated by this revelation, and reluctantly fights his old mentor. At the end of the emotional battle, Ryuji remembers how Pops taught him the proper way to kill an octopus, by killing it in one blow by striking its vitals between the eyes, done quickly and with love. He uses this very technique to put Pops out of his misery.