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Tear Jerker / Yakuza

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For a series filled with many awesome moments and badasses, it sure has its equal share of moments that would at least give a few tears.

Games with their own pages

Yakuza 3

  • Mine's flashback upon looking at a picture of himself as a child. Young Mine tells his father that he played baseball with his friends. But it then turns out that the other children shunned him because he could not afford any baseball equipment, and proceed to mock him for being poor. Mine lied to his dad in order to make him feel happy. It then cuts to Mine at his father's deathbed, his last words telling Mine to be successful and have a better life.
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  • The destruction of Sunshine Orphanage. While players are extremely divided on how the orphanage takes up a chunk of the game, it's nonetheless saddening to see the kids lose their home.
  • Rikiya's death in 3 is also pretty weep-inducing, especially since Kazuma actually turns on the waterworks when it happens. When someone as badass as Kazuma is reduced to tears, you can't help but follow suit.
  • One of the karaoke songs "Shooting Star" is a beautiful ballad that definitely gives listeners the feels and the only one that has a sad vibe.
  • Mine's Motive Rant to Kiryu atop the Millennium Tower. You can't help but feel bad for him despite him being the Big Bad. Had he grown up with genuine friends and people who cared for him after losing his father, it's very likely he could have turned out a different man.
    • Then there's also his love/loyalty for Daigo. Mine said that Daigo was the first person aside his father who treated him like a genuine human being. The reason why he wanted to kill Daigo? To put him out of his misery because he couldn't bear to see Daigo in such a state.
  • Following the final boss battle, Mine receives a call from his assistant, Katase, whom he initially assumes is genuinely worried about him... only to realize that she just called him to ask about a business deal. His reaction says it all.
    Mine: Money... Always money. That's all I have left.
    • And finally, there's Mine's Redemption Equals Death. Just as Andre Richardson is about to shoot Kiryu and Daigo, Mine charges at Richardson and drags him to the edge of the tower. Before throwing himself and Richardson off to their deaths, Mine laments that he wasn't worthy of being with Daigo, and how he had not met Kiryu sooner.
      • Daigo's reaction adds to the moment as well. He was genuinely crushed, and painfully asks Kiryu if Mine had betrayed the Tojo Clan. It's clear that regardless of what Mine thinks, Daigo still saw him as a true friend.

Yakuza 4

  • In order to get information on the whereabouts of his old boss Sasai, Saejima agrees to fight in a caged deathmatch by request of the Florist. He defeats his opponent, but when tossed a sword among the crowd's chants of "Kill him! Kill him!", he blows his top, delivering a Big "SHUT UP!" and telling the audience of the nightmare his life had been after carrying out a hit twenty-five years ago that left eighteen rival yakuza dead, with tears streaming down his face.
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  • After the cage match, the Florist brings Sasai to Saejima. In the years since being sent to prison, Sasai had become homeless, senile, and borderline catatonic. When Saejima tries to talk to Sasai, though, something awakens in the former mob boss, and though it was difficult for him, he recognized Saejima and weakly called out his name.
  • Late in the game, Haruka calls up Kiryu to inform him that Hamazaki had passed away in the hospital, and knew right away that he gave up his life protecting Kiryu, despite that she treated their old enemy with distrust and utter (but understandable) disdain earlier.

Yakuza: Dead Souls

  • In Ryuji's third chapter, when he finds Tetsu, he also finds that his takoyaki mentor has been turned into a zombie that resembles an octopus. Ryuji, who hasn't really shown a soft spot, is clearly devastated by this revelation, and reluctantly fights his old mentor. At the end of the emotional battle, Ryuji remembers how Pops taught him the proper way to kill an octopus, by killing it in one blow by striking its vitals between the eyes, done quickly and with love. He uses this very technique to put Pops out of his misery.

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