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Tear Jerker / WondLa

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The Search for WondLa

  • Eva is desperate to see the outside world, and when her wish finally comes true, it's at the cost of losing her home, and being in an environment that is nothing like her simulations. Multiple times in her short outing, she's terrified and desperately wants to get back home.
  • Eva watching Besteel carve up a waterbear's mate, and the poor thing is helpless to do anything.
    • Later on, Eva and the waterbear that she calls Otto, form a bond and she can hear his thoughts and fears.
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  • When talking with Rovender, Eva asks why he was wandering around and he reveals that his mate had died along with their child in her stomach. He's been wandering for years ever since, locked in a deep depression and taking to drinking to lift his spirits.
  • Orbana is actually earth brought back to life by Queen Ojo's technology. Earth became so uninhabitable that humans took to creating test-tube babies and living underground in hopes that something will change. Which means most of the training Muthr had been prepping Eva for, was all wasted.
  • Muthr's Heroic Sacrifice as she shields her from a blast from Besteel's boomrod that was meant to hit her daughter. As she dies, she tells Eva how much she loves her and how proud she is of her daughter. She tells Rovender to look after her and says that she knows that Eva will survive.
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  • Rovender burns all of their old supplies as a sign of them moving on from the past. Eva doesn't stop him, she understands why he's doing it.
  • Eva and Rovender stumble across the New York public library, and Eva finds her WondLa. It's the book "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" by L. Frank Baum.

A Hero for WondLa

  • Eva believed that Hailey, one of the first humans she finally got to meet and thought was her friend ends up turning her over to Cadmus while unintentionally locking her alien friends up. So when he's one of the key people to help them escape, Eva isn't happy about it, even when he sacrifices himself in order to protect them to make up for his mistake. What's worse, he told Eva Cadmus was going to help him with hit Bijou and he didn't know his leader was going to experiment on him through a Caerulean alien they caught.
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  • Eva seeing an image of Cadmus taking his people to where Queen Ojo's castle would be, but the alien's castle is sunken, and Eva comes to realize that part of Arius' prophecy would come true. While one society would thrive in this world, another would die.
  • Eva believed she was the one human left, but she comes to find out they've been living at New Attica, and her older sister Eva Eight, had been waiting there for her for one hundred-years.
    • However, Eight isn't the kind of sister Eva wanted. She reveals that after turning sixteen, Muthr literally locked her out of the Sanctuary, forcing her to find for herself, find her way to New Attica and waited a hundred years for her little sister to arrive. She returned a few times with gifts for Eva, such as the Wizard of Oz book and tried to bargain with Muthr to let her and her pilot boyfriend stay so she can look after Eva as a sister and maybe even a mother. Yet in the end, Muthr refused to let her in, her boyfriend left, and she remained alone and paranoid of Cadmus' propaganda for over a hundred years.
  • Huxley pulling a Heroic Sacrifice with the glider and boomrod he's revealed to be alive in the third book, but it was still a huge shock and loss for Eva as she had grown incredibly fond of the alien in the short amount of time she met him.
  • Rovender comes across one of his tribesmen, and they refer to him as nothing more than a ghost, an apparition, spitefully telling him that he left his village behind.
    • When confronting the head of the village his father he tells them the reason he left was because he was so heartbroken and depressed over loosing his wife and child and nothing they did helped him. It was only after meeting Eva did he finally find purpose in life again.
  • Naudeau's passing, Eva can't watch as he's put down after all of the pain Cadmus and his people inflicted on him.
  • Eight desperately trying to take the heart of the forest, madly ranting that if she had the one thing Cadmus wanted, she could finally have some control in her life and get back at him for all the pain he's caused. The heart ends up turning her into a tree, putting her spirit to rest and quelling the hatred that was in her heart.
  • Eva runs over to Arius' home and tries to warn her of Cadmus army approaching, but finds that Lorcos had arrived and had finished consuming his sister, gaining her abilities and extra limbs. He then says that he ate two of his siblings, Darius who was always mentioned in passing and Arius. All that was left was for him to consume Zin and then he'd be all powerful.

The Battle for WondLa

  • Hailey asking what happened to Eight, and Eva replies that her sister wanted to go back and live in the Sanctuary, pretending that nothing was wrong with their lives. Eva understood that they couldn't do that and believes that Nine is better off as the tree she became.
  • New Attica being under attack by its own secret army under Lorco's orders. When Cadmus is forced to face this reality, and realize he no longer has control, he breaks down and begs for Eva to take Gen and help his daughter survive.
    • The residents of New Attica, they were stripped of their homes, their safety, their previous lives, and are now forced to learn how to adapt to the life on Orbana all within a night.
  • Zin is captured by his brother in one of the taxidermists' tubes, all the poor little guy can do is look around in fear whilst hitting the glass case in trying to escape. However, just like his sister's he's eaten in the end.

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