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Tear Jerker / Wolfenstein (2009)

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As this is a moment's page, Spoilers Off.

  • The death of Caroline Becker during the Castle raid level: after the Cannery mission, Isenstadt citizens went into an open revolt after the death of Viktor Zetta. But the Kreisau Circle found out that Caroline has been kidnapped, and went to said castle. After a harsh battle against both Nazi soldiers and supernatural creatures, B.J. and his squadmates make it to the top of the castle, where Deathshead, having survived X-Labs, and Hans Grosse have Caroline in their hands, and are preparing to unleash a terror over Isenstadt in the form of the Geist Queen. But Caroline tries to escape once she spots B.J., only for Grosse to shoot her and seemingly kill her.

    To make matters worse, come the MachineGames' games, we found out that Caroline did indeed survive, but became handicapped as a result...but not for long, as the assault of the Ausmerzer ended up with B.J. surrendering and Caroline being decapitated in the very first scene of The New Colossus.


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