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Tear Jerker / Winx Club

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Musa, I'm so proud of you...

  • For starters, Musa being by herself in Alfea, reminiscing about her mother.
  • Bloom losing Sky to Diaspro.
    • Before she was made a villain, some felt Diaspro losing Sky to Bloom was one because Sky technically did cheat on her. If anything, the abovementioned one was poetic justice. To be fair, Sky admits before he even met Bloom, he wasn't really happy about the arranged marriage since he was railroaded into it, hinting that Diaspro was already a Spoiled Brat princess long before this.
    • Can you imagine being Diasbro on the Day of the Royals? Like, you're going to an event with your future in-laws and some weird girl knocks you over and starts asking you why you have a picture of your fiance on your phone? And then the same weird girl tricks you into a secluded spot, knocks out your bodyguard, and then starts calling you a witch and screaming about some random dude? And then she starts attacking you? And then you find out your fiances been cheating on you with this girl?
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  • Two words: Tecna's sacrifice.
  • Aisha losing Nabu.
  • Nabu's death, the memory montage at the beginning of the next episode (with Riven crying Manly Tears), and another montage in the season finale.
  • In the episode where the girls retrieve the water stars in season 3. Stella, Tecna and Musa must make sacrifices so they can obtain them. Stella gives up her beauty and Tecna gives up her emotion, but the real tear jerker is Musa's sacrifice. She's given a chance to reunite with her dead mother, but if she takes it, the girls won't obtain the water stars and the whole universe of Magix will be in danger. She chooses the water stars, but at least, she is able to talk to her mother and touch her. Before she goes, her mother also tells Musa that she's proud of her.
  • The start of the episode after Tecna earns her Enchantix, where the girls and Timmy are crying over her "death". Even more so, Riven was comforting them (telling the girls to let it out and trying to tell Timmy to accept it)! Tecna turned out to be alive a few episodes later, but it's still a tear jerker. Also, later in the same episode, when the girls are contemplating breaking up their group because it just doesn't feel right without Tecna there.
  • Also, the whole episode with Musa's backstory, describing how much she misses her dead mother as well as her conflicts with her father. Poor, POOR Musa.
    • Consider that we are never shown if Musa has any extended family. If she doesn't, that means she has one living family member left. If, heaven forbid, Musa's father has a premature death, Musa would be an orphan. Dang.
  • There's a moment in S5 episode 2, when the Specialists come to see the Winx at Frutti Music Bar. Aisha is shown going off on her own while the other Winx are greeting their boyfriends, and we later see her sitting by herself, looking at an image of Nabu and crying while she says she misses him. And when she sees the other girls approaching, she hides her feelings.
    • The role is reversed in season 7 where the Specialists go to meet up with the Winx before going on a mission. Aisha is now with Nex while the others are still together (Bloom/Sky, Stella/Brandon, Flora/Helia, and Tecna/Timmy). Musa could only watch them sadly as she flashbacks to the previous season where she and Riven broke up and friend-zoned each other.
  • Aisha's childhood. Her parents isolated her, so she had to be sneaky to have friends, and they scrutinized her every move and thought. Sure, they meant well and were only trying to teach her to be prim and proper as princesses traditionally are, but they still caused her some grief.
  • A minor one is when Bloom thinks the Trix killed Kiko and she breaks down as they're taunting her. It turned out he was fine, but imagine if someone killed your beloved pet - one you've had since you were a small child - and the person was laughing about it.
  • During the first few seasons, Bloom had quite a few Tear Jerker moments. To name a few: her reaction upon finding out she's adopted, breaking into tears after Daphne tells her of her duty to protect the dragon's flame, which she (thought she) failed because the Trix stole it from her, and realizing she was being cheated with (although her actions toward Diaspro downplay that last one).
  • Stella and her divorced parents.
    • In season one, when she finds out they're divorced, she's clearly upset, but tries to play it off as something that just happens.
    • In season three, she nearly got a Wicked Stepmother and her father, thanks to being put under a spell, had been turned against her. She had even been turned into a monster at one point and he didn't recognize her as his daughter due to the spell. Sure, Stella was little bratty beforehand, but she doesn't deserve that, and Chimera had been a bully to her the day before, so it was kind of justified.
    • In season five, the episode where Stella saves Solaria. She returns home to find things have gone back to normal, which, for Stella, means her parents are enemies again. They both praise Stella for her actions, but get into an argument right there in front of Stella and both storm away, leaving Stella in tears. In a later episode, she calls them both to Alfea to talk to them and invite them to her fashion show, and they get into an argument right there in front of her again. If you listen closely to how she talks, you can hear in her voice how she's trying not to break down. Even during the show, they have a hard time putting their pettiness aside. They don't become amicable until Stella uses her Sirenix wish and asks her guardian to make them listen to each other.
    • Arguably made sadder by how a lot of people, adults and children, could relate to Stella when it comes to her parents.
  • In season 5 when Sky gets injured taking a shot meant for Bloom, and though Bloom was happy he was alive, her blood ran cold when he could no longer recognize her or anyone else. You could feel her heart sink that someone she holds deep feelings for is suddenly like another person who is lost and alone, and nothing she tries works to get him to remember anything.
  • Bloom beating herself up because Selina not only deceived her, but she almost mistakenly poisoned (and could've killed) Flora. Stella cries for her not to go and the whole group pleads with Bloom to stay, but Daphne tries to make them understand she needs space right now. They do understand, but the final shot of them shows the whole group ready to cry over Bloom leaving. Also counts as Heartwarming in Hindsight because it shows just how far their friendship has come since they all first met, especially between Bloom and Stella, as well as how Daphne is a big sister, not just to Bloom, but to all of them.
  • Riven leaving at the end of season 6 and him and Musa breaking up for good. Musa and Riven definitely had their ups and downs but there's something heartbreaking about them breaking up for good. On the flip side, it could be considered sad that what could be considered an abusive relationship took 6 seasons to end.
  • In season 5 'The singing whales' is a bitter-sweet episode. Musa's dad acts nicer than in earlier seasons and they dig up memories about her mother. We get to see some flashbacks and Musa admits she has been thinking about using her Sirenix wish to revive her mother.
  • When one thinks about it, the fate of the Trix: for most of season one they're villainous but not too bad, with the one time they actually stooped to full-blown villainy being a Disproportionate Retribution and Darcy even showing hints of a potential Heel–Face Turn... And then they get a power that drives them insane, and after they lost it the place they were sent in for mental healing actually tried to suppress all their negative emotions, something that traumatized them so much they openly swore to become evil in retaliation.
  • In seasons 1-3 there is a soundtrack called Sombre, which means sorrow.


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