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Tear Jerker / When the Wind Blows

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  • The entire second half of the film. The audience has to watch the Bloggses very slowly die from radiation poisoning.
  • The ending, when it becomes apparent that they are dying and when they realize that they are. The music playing doesn't help, either.
    • The two of them even get into their own body bags before going back into the bomb shelter. This line from Jim only makes it even more heart wrenching:
      Jim: The government officials will know what to do with us. The powers that be...will get to us in the end.
    • What makes this line even more gut-wrenching is that the powers that be were either wiped out or, because the Bloggses live in a rural area, are busy attempting to secure control over the wreckage of the nearest urban population centers. In short, no one can help them.
      • They were chanting the Lord's Prayer. They weren't expecting the Government, but the Real Powers that Be to deliver them from evil. Then Jim, forgetting the lines of the 23rd Psalm, ends the story by quoting the beginning line of "The Charge of the Light Brigade."
        Jim: Oh, yes! "Into the valley of the shadow of death..."
        Hilda: Oh, no more, love. No more...
        Jim: "...rode the Six Hundred..."