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Tear Jerker / What the Fuck Is Wrong with You?

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  • 2013 just sucked balls for Nash. He and JO broke up, JO moved out, Nash lost his other job for an incredibly unfair reason, he got severe insomnia, and his father died. Somebody give the man a hug and some good luck, for fuck's sake.
    • Seeing how broken and exhausted he was after spending several days caring for his dying father (especially when he was doing it by himself, with little to no help) was enough to wring anyone's heart.
    • Hearing him talking about how his father just would not stop smoking, despite dying from a fatal disease. No matter how many times he tried, and all the different ways, his father just wouldn't stop.
      • Seeing Nash with his e-cig can be this when you realise what probably made him decide to quit
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    • And then, three months after the breakup, it was brought into the limelight again when Zac (JO's new boyfriend) was verbally assaulted on Twitter by Nash's fans after someone impersonating Zac went on Nash's livestream and trash-talked his dad just days after said dad died.
    • And now he's lost his job again. Most fans' reactions can be accurately summed up as You Have GOT To Be Kidding Me.
    • And now he's revealed he was diagnosed with adult-onset depression. The Prozac he was taking for awhile actually made it worse.
  • The reason why Nash was living in Tampa, Florida when he got the idea to start Radio Dead Air? He moved there to live with his girlfriend. Who dumped him a couple of weeks later.
  • The deaths of Tara's parents.
  • And despite all of that, Nash still makes RDA, Here There Be Dragons and does streams of games.
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  • On 8/11/14, the day Robin Williams died, Nash took the opportunity to speak out about what it's like to experience depression, and "the soup" that builds up in your brain because of chemical imbalances and general bad stuff, in a speech obviously not easy for him to say. He also shared the words every depressed or bipolar person dealing with "the soup" really wants to hear:
  • In May 2016, Tara's cat Miracle, who had long suffered from various medical issues (including deafness), was diagnosed with late-stage lymphoma. Understandably, both Tara and her fiance Dan were quite sad at the diagnosis.
    • Miracle passed away on May 31, 2016. She will be very much missed.
  • During the show on 8/28/2018, after playing The Living Tombstone's remix of We Are Number One, Nash takes a small moment to honor Stefan Steffansen. While he was never the target audience for LazyTown, he understands what the loss means to those that grew up with the show, relating it to when Mr. Hooper died on Sesame Street.
    He did cool stuff for kids, and that can't be forgotten. Seemed to be a decent human being...and we're in short supply of those, lately.
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  • Early 2019 saw Nash diagnosed with medical issues, the majority of which apparently shook him enough that he won't go into detail on it. (The exception being his dangerously low Vitamin D levels, which he joked about during a live show.)

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