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Tear Jerker / Whale Rider

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  • Paikea's speech. Made even sadder by the fact that her grandfather never shows up.
    Paikea: The speech is a token for my deep love and respect for Koro Apirana, my great-grandfather. My name is Paikea Apirana... (long silence as she starts to cry) ...And I come from a long time of chiefs going all the way back to Hawaiki, where our ancient ones are. The ones who first heard the country crying, had sent a man. His name was also Paikea. And I’m his latest descendant. But I wasn’t the leader my great-grandfather was expecting. By being born I broke the line back to the ancient ones. It wasn’t anybody’s fault, it just happened. But we can learn when the knowledge is given to everyone and we can have lots of leaders, and so everyone will be strong not just the ones who have been chosen. Because sometimes, even if you are the leader and you need to be strong, you can get tired. Like our ancestor Paikea, when he was lost at the sea and he couldn’t find the land, and he probably wanted to die. But he knew the ancient ones were to aid one. So he called out to them to lift him up and give him strength. This is his chant. I dedicate it to my great-grandfather.
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  • The beached whales.
  • Paikea proclaiming that she's "not afraid to die".


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