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Tear Jerker / Walking with…

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Walking with Monsters
  • The entire Late Permian in Monsters is a slow journey to death for all creatures, since the infamous Permian/Triassic extinction is going to take place soon. And that was the worst mass extinction ever, the Cretaceous one coming only in third place : 90 % of marine and 70-80 % of terrestrial lifeforms went extinct.
  • Summer time in the Early Permian segment. The Edaphosaurus are doing well, and the youngsters have grown larger, even testing their strength. Life seems to be thriving...except for the mother Dimetrodon. She's endured 7 months of having to look after her nest and a long fight with another Dimetrodon, costing her most of her energy and an eye. She is so weakened by the ordeal that she's no longer able to defend her nest just before the eggs hatch. Her offspring are then born, but to the mother this is nothing more than a signal that her new goal is to find desperately-needed food...that includes her own offspring.
  • Many of the baby Dimetrodon are eaten by adult members of their species.


  • In "Land of Giants", the young Argentinosaurus being hunted by the Giganotosaurus pack that slowly eats them alive as it works to bring them down over the course of an entire day. When darkness falls, the hunt is still going on, though it's clearly in its' endgame since the young has been separated from the herd and is surrounded. Nigel, who is ever the wide-eyed, lovable chap, mentions that it's now too dark to see... and for once, he's grateful for that.
  • In "Sea Monsters", the massive, sick Leedsicthys getting slowly Eaten Alive by various predators until it finally dies.