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Tear Jerker / We 3

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  • 1, 2, and 3 are not made 'human' by their augmentations. Their domestic pet psychology makes every instant a tear-jerker. They are on a simple quest for 'home' - being owned and cared for.
  • 4 is terrifying, but it's a tearjerker too because this is what the experimenters wanted. This is Gone Horribly Right from the animals' point of view. 4 doesn't want 'Home', it only wants to kill... but even it was a puppy once. And humans turned it into a monster.
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  • 1 and 2 get their true, happy ending... from their limited understanding. But in the bigger picture, even if this particular program is shut down due to public outcry, it will be attempted again eventually. The suffering of animals just doesn't matter compared to the pursuit of power.
  • 1 had to kill a man to save 3... but he cannot cope with the guilt. 'BAD DOG.'

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