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Tear Jerker / Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume

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  • The Bloody Twins were really Natalia's lost children. The path where you recruit them involves Natalia giving herself over to save the lives of everyone in the rebellion, only to hear from Ernest who comes to save her and tells her that the rebels were betrayed and slaughtered, then the bloody twins execute her regardless.
  • When Mischke is sacrificed with the plume. He tells Mirielle to go ahead without him, and this is the one time Wyl appears to show regret for using the Plume. It even becomes a Pet the Dog moment if you take the C path.
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  • Just any time you plume someone when they have a buddy or family member. Such as Ceripha and Lockswell, Valmur and Phione, Auguste and Reinhilde, Rosea and Duwain, Earnest and Natalia...
  • Rosea is practically a tearjerker herself. She's probably the most Woobieish character. She and Lieselotte were blamed for something they didn't even do, and they knew they didn't do it. When it comes to Lieselotte, she's pretty much a Stepford Smiler and eventually kills her out of anger. (Or in Path B, Lieselotte kills her. Or in Path A, they kill each other.) She is revered as a saint and wanders from town to town in a demon-infested world. Even if she survives the events of the game, she's stuck in a civil war that tears apart Artolia. Given that the only way to recruit her is in Path C, where she and Duwain are surrounded by the most broken and unsympathetic people in the game. (Unless you recruited Earnest and Natalia.) You can even shatter her more by pluming Duwain in front of her. Heck, perhaps the nicest thing that could be done to her is to sacrifice her, so she at least gets to live on as one of Lenneth's Einherjar.
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  • Path C has Phiona's death. Reinhilde and Auguste have now outlived TWO of their children, and Valmur losing his mind over it is just as sad:
    Valmur: Was not Nicolas' sacrifice enough that Phiona should be spared? I refuse to believe fate could be so cruel... It cannot be! This is all some... some illusion! Yes, yes, some wicked nightmare conjured by the mind! Of course, I should've realized earlier! Ahahahahaha! Ahahahahaha! Nicolas! Phiona! Come out, come out wherever you are! Time for another game!
  • What happens to Wyl's family upon the death of Thyodor. Without him around, the family goes through hard times and Wyl's little sister falls sick and starves to death. Already reeling from the loss of her husband, Wyl's mother Margot goes insane with grief at losing her daughter. When we see her in-game, she's mentally retreated back to when she and Thyodor were first married and asks Wyl - whom she thinks is Thyodor - to give her children so she won't be lonely when he's off fighting. It's no wonder Wyl harbours such negative feelings to the Valkyrie. Thankfully, you can cure Margot of her insanity in the A ending.