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Tear Jerker / 28 Days Later

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Frank's infection could be cut into smaller Tear Jerkers:
    • He completely lost hope on surviving after realizing there was no rescue team (yet).
    • He got only seconds to express his love to his daughter.
    • Right after that he must push her away for her own good.
    • He died in a more or less staged situation, as the soldiers he was so eagerly looking for were right there, waiting for his downfall.
    • Missing Mom makes it even worse, because now Hannah is left entirely alone.
    • And then Selena also breaks down and expresses how she had lost hope on surviving, now that Hannah was all alone.
    • That's not to mention how cold she becomes afterwards. It would be less heartbreaking if she just cried, but she goes completely emotionless - especially at dinner.
    "I don't want to eat. I want to bury my dad."
  • Jim returning home to find his parents having committed suicide. They were sure he couldn't survive being in a coma after the infection hit...
    Jim- With endless love, we left you sleeping. Now we're sleeping with you.
    Don't wake up.
    • One can only imagine the anguish they went through as a result of the one-two punch of having their son struck down and fall into a coma, followed almost immediately after by the infection spreading like wildfire. Small wonder that they were driven to suicide.
  • When Selena realizes there is no way to escape from being raped, she feeds Hannah with Valium. At first it looks like she's trying to give her a Mercy Kill, which is even lampshaded by the girl and is by itself a Tear Jerker. Then Selena explains that she wants her to not care, because she can't bring herself to kill Hannah and was in no position to save her.
    • The beginning of that scene is horrible, as Selena has her top ripped off while Hannah is screaming. Even if Selena fed her full of pills, she still had to see that first.
  • Mark's story about how he lost his family. It's even stronger by the fact that till that point he was the token optimistic teammate. And then he dies. By being hacked with a machete by Selena just in case he was infected no less.
    • Even worse was that his death was caused by Jim who decided to light a candle near a window in his apartment.
  • "True" ending - Jim just dies in the hospital after failed revival. It's really depressing.
  • When Sgt. Farrell tries to stop his CO and squad-mates from crossing the moral event horizon. He just can't bring himself to shoot his own friends.
    • And then he's executed by them without a blink of an eye.
  • Naomie Harris worked with Danny Boyle to come up with a backstory for Selena, explaining why she's so cynical. They decided that she had to kill her whole family in one afternoon. She first killed her infected mother and father to save her baby brother - only to find that he was infected too.

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