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Tear Jerker / 28 Days Later

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  • Frank's infection could be cut into smaller Tear Jerkers:
    • He completely lost hope on surviving after realizing there was no rescue team (yet).
    • He got only seconds to express his love to his daughter.
    • Right after that he must push her away for her own good.
    • He died in more or less staged situation, as the soldiers he was so eagerly looking for were right there, waiting for his downfall.
    • Missing Mom makes it even worse, because now Hannah is left entirely alone.
    • And then Selena also breaks down and expresses how she had lost hope on surviving, now that Hannah was all alone.
  • Jim returning home to find his parents having committed suicide. They were sure he couldn't survive being in coma after the infection hit...
    Jim- With endless love, we left you sleeping. Now we're sleeping with you.
    Don't wake up.
  • When Selena realises there is no way to escape from being raped, she feeds Hannah with Valium. At first it looks like she's trying to give her a Mercy Kill, which is even lampshaded by the girl and by itself a Tear Jerker. Then Selena explains that she wants her to not care, because she can't bring herself to kill Hannah and was in no position to save her.
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  • Mark's story about how he lost his family. It's even stronger by the fact that till that point he was token optimistic teammate. And then he dies.
  • "True" ending - Jim just dies in the hospital after failed revival. It's really depressing.
  • When Sgt. Farrell tries to stop his CO and squad-mates from crossing Moral Event Horizon. He just can't bring himself to shoot his own friends.
    • And then he's executed by them without a blink of an eye.

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