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Tear Jerker / Transformers: Cyberverse

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    Chapter One 
Episode 6 - Megatron Is My Hero
  • Optimus Prime and Bumblebee unsuccessfully try to convince Megatron to rejoin them.
  • Bumblebee's voice box being crushed by Megatron may count as this.
Episode 8 - Terminal Velocity
  • Blurr sacrifes himself to shut down the Space Bridge to prevent the Cosmic Rust from spreading to Cybertron, and also reveals that he too is a victim of it. His saddened face definitely sells it.
    Hot Rod: He really is the fastest!
Episode 9 - Shadowstriker
  • After Shadow Striker was caught in a fatal explosion, Shockwave rebuilds her by using his own drones. She may be a jerk, but you can hardly hate her for deserving this treatment.
    Shadow Striker: "They found me in pieces. After you decided to blow me up, I was scrap metal. Shockwave fused me with what was left of my guards- Me! With my subordinates! I trained myself for cycles trying to fight like I used to...but I couldn't. So I had to make do. I was the best there was...and you took that from me."
Episode 10 - Maccadam's
  • Maccadam's Old Oil House was once a popular place. The Great War gradually closed it.
Episode 15 - King of the Dinosaurs
  • How Bumblebee and Grimlock along with the Ark ended up stranded on Earth: the Ark was about to crash on Earth and, despite Grimlock's best efforts to save the Ark and its crew, Bee (in his stasis pod) and Grim fell, along with other two stasis pods, leaving Bee with his memories damaged.
  • When Grimlock discovers his dinosaur friends have been dead for 66 million years, he hangs his head in sorrow.
    Chapter Two - Power of the Spark 
Episode 25 - Parlay
  • Optimus is ultimately unsuccessful at settling a peace treaty between the Autobots and the Decepticons at the end of the episode.

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