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Tear Jerker / Transformers Armada

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  • Hot Shot's beating in "Credulous". He was trying to save Sideways from Megatron's wrath, and when he does, he was hit with a rough case of reality. Sideways kicks the Star Saber away from Hot Shot, and it lands in front of the then-evil Starscream. Hot Shot is ashamed and doesn't save himself from Demolisher and Cyclonus.
  • The ending of episode 37, "Crack," when Starscream chooses to abandon his new human friends he'd made among the Autobots for a chance to take down Megatron.
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  • All of Starscream's inner-thoughts in "Crisis". He didn't want to harm the earth, and he didn't want to fight Optimus. By the end of the episode, his former human friends were nearly killed, and he's at least partially responsible for the death of Optimus. No matter which universe you're in, it sucks to be Screamer.
  • Starscream's suicide-by-Megatron in "Cramp". It wasn't Dinobot levels of drama, but it was getting there. Their last talk certainly helps bring on the water-works.
    Starscream: I tried to gain favor from you. But nothing was ever good enough. No matter how many battles I fought, you always found fault. Then I saw how Optimus treated his men, and I realized he was a leader of integrity. Unlike you.
    Starscream: None of that matters now. You must listen, do as Optimus says and join forces with the Autobots, or else every last one of us is doomed! Please, sir... do it for me...
    • To drive home the tragedy here, in the Japanese version, it's more clear that Starscream turns off his sword and that he allowed Megatron to finish him to make the point that infighting was pointless. Before this, in the Japanese dub, Starscream called Galvatron the "ultimate fighter," making it even WORSE. It certainly seems Starscream could've won the duel but sacrificed himself for the greater good.
    • That wasn't even the most heartbreaking part. The worst part is when Optimus informs the children and seeing their reactions Especially Alexis. Ouch.
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    • There's also the way Starscream's Mini-Con partner Swindle (who Starscream ejected so he wouldn't share the same fate) reacted. He just stands there, in silence, and asks Optimus if there's any hope of Starscream being alive. It's the way he beeps that hits you in the gut.
      • The truly touching thing was that Starscream was desperately trying to get Megatron to do the right thing, even if it cost him his own life. Starscream points out how he remembers that he made an oath to Megatron a very long time ago and knows that he could never bring himself to break that oath by striking down Megatron.
    • In the following episode, when Megatron talks about Starscream, it may well the only time any Megatron has ever shown any Starscream some respect.
  • Optimus Prime's death in "Crisis". (It's Optimus, of course, he dies at least once.)
    • A prominent part of Optimus's death in Armada was Jetfire's reaction, the screams, and then his discovery that all that remained of Optimus was his faithful Mini-Con holding his Matrix. He didn't seem to know what was going on, just that he had to hold on to that thing.
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    • How about the fact that unlike other versions? This one wasn't triumphant, and nor did it look heroic.... he just.... turned to dust, and that's it for him.
    • The Japanese version makes it more heartwrenching with Rad's ending narration, suggesting that the falling meteorites in the last shot aren't meteorites but might be fragments of Optimus's body.
  • After the final battle with Unicron at the end of Armada, Optimus is alive, floating in space. He sees the Matrix floating nearby and thinks that he isn't worthy of wielding it, much less of being a leader anymore.
  • Galvatron sending himself to his own demise, knowing that if he lived, the war would continue and Unicron would arise again. This show's got a high body count, but they make every one count.


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