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Tear Jerker / Trainspotting

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At least the kitten was fine.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Tommy's decline into heroin addiction and eventual death. In the book, we are never shown his death scene, but Renton visits him for the last time and finds out he has AIDS. Renton knows that Tommy won't survive the winter.
  • Baby Dawn's death. Sick Boy breaking down in tears also counts.
    Sick Boy: Say something, Mark. FUCKING SAY SOMETHING! HUH?!
    • And then there's Renton's stunned response of "I'm cooking up...". Allison then begs him to prepare heroin for her too, to forget the pain. To make it even more depressing, Blur's "Sing" starts playing...
  • Renton asks Spud why he's going along with Sick Boy and Begbie's drug deal and Spud sadly replies that he just wants the money. The poor guy's literally got no other choice.
  • Right before Renton leaves London with the money, he glances at the others, who are asleep - except Spud, who silently urges him not to leave. After a brief moment, Mark leaves anyway, but he does leave Spud his share of the money.
  • The book chapter "Junk Dilemmas No. 64" - Mark's mother is knocking on his door while crying. He ignores her pleas and cooks up a shot. He feels guilty about letting her down, but continues to use drugs anyway.
  • In the chapter "Na Na and Other Nazis", Spud recounts the trouble that his mixed-race uncle Dode has had with racism growing up, particularly an event when he and Spud went to a pub and were soon assaulted by white power skinheads saying slogans such as "ain't no black in the Union Jack". This abuse led to a fight, which left Dode hospitalised, where Spud visits him. "I've had worse in the past and I'll have worse in the future" Dode tells Spud, who begs him not to say such things.
    He looks at us like I'll never understand and I know he's probably right.
  • In the chapter "London Crawling", Renton befriends an Italian man named Gi, who tells him the tragedy of his life how he had a wife and children who he cared about deeply, yet he could not help falling in love with his brother in law Antonio. After their affair was revealed the two suffered extremely violent homophobic abuse at the hands of Antonio's brothers, leading his lover to kill himself. At a party, Renton notes sadly how frightened and confused Gi looks whilst lamenting the behaviour of the drugged and sexed up party revellers.
  • In the chapter "The Elusive Mr Hunt", Renton laughs at Sick Boy's prank phone call to Kelly, until he realises she has tears in her eyes. At first he thinks she is being silly and shouldn't take the laughter to heart, but then he recognises the laughter from the men in the pub isn't friendly.
    It's not funny laughter. This is lynch mob laughter. How was ah tae know, he thinks. How the fuck was ah tae know?