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Tear Jerker / Totally Awesome Hulk

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  • The Reveal of how Amadeus became the new Hulk. He managed to absorb the Hulk and take it away from Bruce Banner, leaving Bruce in tears and asking Amadeus "What have you done?" Amadeus tries to assure Banner that he's finally free of the Hulk, but Bruce replies by saying he isn't crying for himself, he's crying for Amadeus and the nightmare that his life is about to become now that he has the Hulk inside of him.
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  • After Civil War II #3 & #4 in retrospect issues 7 & 8 of TAH become this. We are bearing witness to the last few months of Banner's life only punctuated more by him finally feeling at peace over no longer having to worry about the other part of him, giving his approval to Amadeus and hanging out with his family. All the while knowing it's going to end with someone who we as readers and he himself trust putting an arrow in his eye.

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