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Tear Jerker / Tomorrowland

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  • Governor Nix's speech about how he attempted to warn the world about its pending destruction.
    "We saw the iceberg, and we warned the Titanic. And you steamed right into it. Full speed ahead."
  • Athena sacrificing herself to save Frank and destroy the monitor.
    • Before Athena self-destructs, she plays back recordings of her thoughts about Frank. It reveals how even though Frank had a crush on her as a boy, she didn't want to tell him she was a robot and destroy his optimism. She also reveals that despite her programming, she had developed feelings toward Frank.
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    • Although Frank had spent much of his life bitter and angry at Athena and what she stood for, it's clear before he drops Athena down to the monitor that she was more than a robot to him.

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