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Tear Jerker / Toad Patrol

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Despite being a children's cartoon, this show doesn't hesitate to tug on your heartstrings when it wants to.

  • Earth Star's backstory. He's left behind by his first group, finally gets picked up by a second, and after a long journey, they reach the fairy ring just in time to see it close, turning them all to toadstools.
    • Despite Earth Star being lucky enough to turn back on his own, he also gets the complimentary experience of waking up to be surrounded by the toadstools of his friends.
    • Earth Star reveals in The Fairy Ring that the group would have made it if Earth Star wasn't distracted playing a song on his strumalong, which lead to him falling into a thornbush and delaying the others, mere minutes from the portal. He goes on to state that he doesn't want to go to toad hollow because he feels that it wouldn't be right. Made worse by a throwaway line earlier in the series, where Earth Star confirmed it was definitely possible for him to turn into a toadstool again if he didn't go this year.
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  • In "Castaway", Elf Cup of all characters completely loses hope of escaping and says this depressing line...
    Elf Cup: Oh, maybe we should just throw ourselves into the chilly wet.
  • Season 2, episode 11, The Sacrifice. Where do we start?!
    • Panther Cap stops hearing the thunder trees. The distress he's in is heartbreaking.
    • Earth Star gets to spend the episode slowly turning into a toadstool. As if he wasn't going through enough already.
      • He also apparently knew this was happening since the end of The Lost Symphony.
    • Beauty Stem breaking down into tears at the end of the episode.

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