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Tear Jerker / Timeless

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  • Returning from her first mission, Lucy is overjoyed to find her comatose mother is alive and well. Her joy turns to horror, however, when she realizes that her sister Amy doesn't exist.

The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

  • As in real life, the African Americans of 1865, upon hearing of Lincoln's death, are heartbroken at losing the man they believed was their savior.
    Biddle: The man helped us, freed us, and they killed him for it. It'll never get better.
    Rufus: It's not gonna be easy, but... it does get better.
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  • Lucy brokenheartedly tells Rufus and Logan that she honestly did want to save Lincoln.
  • Lucy comes to the stunning realization that in order for her to exist when Amy doesn't, her mother has been lying all her life about who Lucy's real father is.

Atomic City

  • Wyatt's desperate attempt to Write Back to the Future to save his wife. He clearly knows the whole time it probably won't work, but is still hit hard when that's confirmed.

Party at Castle Varlar

  • Fleming shares with Lucy how he got into spying as his brother was killed in the Blitz and Fleming just escaped the same fate.
  • The team realizes that despite all the destruction and pain he's caused, they have to allow Nazi Wernher von Braun to be captured by the U.S. so he can help their space program and never face justice for his crimes.

The Alamo

  • The team knows that most of the people around them will be dead soon and there is nothing they can do about even if they wanted to change history. This gets even worse as they start to befriend people like Bowie and Crockett.
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  • Some of Wyatt's backstory is revealed. His squad was on a mission and obtained a vital piece of intelligence but ended up surrounded by hostiles. They decided that one of them had to Bring News Back and Wyatt was one of two men who were still uninjured. The two men flipped a coin and Wyatt was sent out while the rest of the squad died covering his escape. He has massive Survivor's Guilt and sees himself as the loser of that coin flip. He decides to stay and die at the Alamo as a way to atone for having to abandon his comrades to their deaths. He only changes his mind because Lucy insists that the team needs him.
  • Bowie and Crockett staying behind and dying in the final moments of the battle.

The Watergate Tape

  • Flynn reveals that all he did was find one mention of Rittenhouse during an NSA search, and his wife and daughter were murdered and he was framed for it. He says that he's determined to wipe out Rittenhouse, no matter what changes he has to make to history, and confesses that he hopes each time he comes back, he'll find that his family is alive.
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  • The final scene includes Flynn at his family's graves, still in mourning.

Last Ride of Bonnie and Clyde

  • They're unrepentant bank robbers and murderers, but Bonnie and Clyde clearly do love each other. It's hard not to pity Bonnie when (instead of dying together, as they'd promised one another and as happened in Real Life) Clyde is gunned down in front of her and she's left devastated.
  • When Bonnie and Clyde ask Wyatt and Lucy how they got engaged, Wyatt uses the story of how he proposed to his real-life (and now deceased) wife, and the emotion that comes through is genuine.

The Capture of Benedict Arnold

  • Lucy is surprised when Christopher brings her to dinner to meet Christopher's wife and children. She has a good time but then Christopher tells her why she invited her over: If Lucy were to come back and discover Christopher's family had somehow been erased from history as Amy was, Christopher wants to make sure someone remembers them. She gives Lucy a data file to always keep on the Lifeboat, packed with photos and videos of her family and makes Lucy promise to show it to Christopher should something go wrong.

Karma Chameleon

  • Wyatt acts on information he obtained from Flynn to eliminate his wife's killer from history. In the process he convinces Rufus to steal the Lifeboat and unintentionally kills an innocent man...and in the end Wyatt's wife is still dead despite his efforts.

The Red Scare

  • Lucy's grandfather admitting that he's gay to her and he's tried to stop it with shock therapy, but he couldn't and hates himself for it. All while she tries to reassure him that he's not broken.

The Kennedy Curse

  • John F. Kennedy learns about the deaths in his family, as well as his own.

Mrs. Sherlock Holmes

  • Lucy sadly noting that Alice Paul's accomplishments and ideas will never be and that she is the one who still remembers them.


  • Despite everything, Rufus dies. Everyone is distraught.


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