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Tear Jerker / Thelword

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  • Pretty much everything about "Liberally". From the death of Bette and Tina's unborn child to Fae Buckley's shameless prodding at the fresh wound of Tina's miscarriage to the flashbacks of her working as a porn actress and prostitute, it's an ugly episode. The opening scene featuring Schoolgirl Lesbians goes from hot to squick really fast once you realize how young these actresses must be and the effect all this must be having on their minds.
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  • The feeling of betrayal when Shane finds out that Mark has been hiding cameras in her house.
  • Carmen's Anguished Declaration of Love to Shane. It's so clear they're dying to be together, but life is doing its damndest to convince them they can't. Carmen's conviction that they're "the real deal" sells it.
  • Dana's death scene is terrible. Alice is in a gift shop, and she finds a little plushie of a potted daisy that sings "You Are My Sunshine." Any genre-savvy viewer knows that this song is bad news in works of fiction. Alice buys the plushie for Dana, and goes to the hospital to see her. When she sees that Dana has just died, Alice slumps over onto the floor and just bawls and wails loudly, her face contorted in horrible agony. She drops the little plushie and it sings that song.


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