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Tear Jerker / The World Is Not Enough

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  • The Cigar Girl's truly terrified "Not from him!" (Regarding Bond promising to protect her) just before she kills herself. How much of a bastard is Renard that this Femme Fatale is petrified of having failed to carry out his orders?
  • In the backstory, Elektra's father not paying the $5 million ransom for her on M's advice. It wound up being her Start of Darkness. M also expresses regret over leaving Elekta with Renard. "It went against every instinct I have as a mother." A lot of her reactions can boil down to My God, What Have I Done?.
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  • Bond is visibly uncomfortable and quickly changes the subject when Elektra asks him if he's ever lost someone close to him. It's heavily implied that he's thinking about Tracy.
  • For car lovers, Bond's BMW Z8 being cut in half by a buzzsaw helicopter.
    • What's worse is Bond saying afterwards "Q's not going to like this" non-ironically. His old friend just retired and he couldn't bring this one car, back and intact.
  • Valentin Zukovsky storms the Supervillain Lair and figures out Elektra and Renard have murdered his nephew (the submarine's captain), simply by looking at his cap.
  • Q's conversation with Bond, which was Desmond Llewelyn's final performance as Q. He'd been the only actor to appear in every Bond film from From Russia with Love to thisnote .
  • Zukovsky's Heroic Sacrifice.
    • The genuinely grateful smile Bond gives him just before he passes away.
  • Bond finds himself forced to shoot Elektra. Her Stockholm Syndrome was seemingly irredeemable.
    Elektra: You couldn't kill me. You'd miss me... DIVE, BO-
    (Bond pulls his gun and shoots her immediately)
    Bond: (Bitterly) ...I never miss.
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  • Renard's horrified reaction to learning that Elektra is dead.
    "You're lying! NOOOOOO! LIAR!"


  • In a tragic Real Life case of Retirony, Desmond Llewlyn, perhaps the best-remembered Q in the entire franchise, was killed in a car accident shortly after the film's release. The World Is Not Enough marks his official retirement of the role after 36 years with Q passing the torch onto his replacement "R", played by John Cleese (who later becomes "Q" in Die Another Day). Home media releases featured a very touching clip montage of Llewelyn as Q throughout the franchise set to "Nobody Does It Better" from The Spy Who Loved Me to honor him.