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Tear Jerker / The Wolfman (2010)

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  • The ending.
  • Lawrence begging someone to kill him right before he transforms for the second time, this time in a room full of doctors and spectators.
  • The end of the Madness Montage, when Gwen comes to visit and tries desperately to calm him down, all while he's clearly hurt and scared and having hallucinations of werewolves lunging at him. Even worse is the fact that it's possible that Gwen wasn't there at all.
  • The novelization says Lawrence's wails of anguish during his first transformation are (in part) him calling for his mother.
    • The novelization adds quite a few of these, in part because it has the luxury of expanding on and delving deeper into Lawrence's thoughts. His return to Talbot Hall is one long string of emotional trauma over seeing his father again, mourning his brother (and realizing there's no chance of the two ever reconciling), doing his best to comfort Gwen, and lashing out at the townsfolk.

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