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Tear Jerker / The Vision (2015)

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  • Viv continually crying for her mother after being cut in half.
  • Vin alone in a hallway, avoided by the other students and faculty, after his sister was brutally attacked, slowly phasing to the floor to hide.
  • Viv's last conversation with C.K. which she kept as a recording to listen whenever she is alone.
    • She keeps a yearbook open to his picture and repeats the quote he used. "It's all about the love"
  • Zeke happily digging into the Vision's backyard, comes across the Reaper's body, bites his electrified scythe and dies horribly. If you ever had a dog, this image might just break you.
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  • Vision's relationship with the Scarlet Witch. Two young heroes, from very different worlds and species, find one another and try to build a life and a family but are continually tortured by a succession of sadistic storylines until Vision is left as garbage in the Avenger's Mansion basement and Wanda is so broken she destroys the Avengers and loses her identity. Even after being somewhat restored in recent years, the scars from those events continue to plague them and the decisions they make.
  • Blank Vision to young Billy and Tommy: "I'm no longer your father, you're no longer my children and your mother is not my wife".
  • Virginia's slow mental breakdown for trying to protect her family, especially for anyone who ever had a parent with mental disorders.
  • Viv, desperate to come to terms with C.K.'s death, phases into his grave to see his decomposed body. Crosses into squick.
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  • Vin discovering that Victor was spying on them. Victor, the uncle he'd grown to love and trust, attacks him and accidentally kills him.
  • The final scene in issue 9. Vision is holding Vin's dead body, begging his son to wake up. Virginia looks on, horrified. Victor is curled up in fetal position in the corner, overwhelmed with anguish. Sparky's unconscious body is lying on the floor nearby.
  • Issue 10 has two.
    • First, the bonding scene between Viv and Vision, culminating in a prayer.
    Vision: I was wondering if— (as he phases into Viv's room and finds her about to pray.)
    Vision: Oh. Excuse me.
    Viv: It is fine, father. I have yet to start.
    Vision: Oh. Yes. Of course. Well. If you have not started... may I then join you?
    Viv: Yes, father. You may join me. I am praying for Vin's soul to be at rest.
    Vision: I see.
    Viv: I do not know if there is a God. It seems unlikely.
    Vision: Yes. It does seem unlikely.
    Viv: I also do not know if Vin had a soul. This, too, seems unlikely.
    Vision: Yes.
    Viv: So first, I pray that there is a God. Then I pray that Vin had a soul. Then I pray for God to allow Vin's Soul to rest. If this order is satisfactory, father, then perhaps you will follow me?
    Vision: Yes. Viv. That will be fine.
    Viv: Please let there be a God.
    Vision: Please let there be a God.
    Viv: Please let my brother have a soul.
    Vision: Please let my son have a soul.
    Viv: And please, God, let my brother rest.
    Vision: And please, God, let my son rest.
    Viv: Amen.
    Vision: Amen.
    • Second is Vision removing one of his eyes and using it as a projector to re-live Vin reciting Shakespeare, while Vision sadly ignored him because he was on a call.
  • Virginia brutally killing Sparky so that she can complete a magical formula for seeing the future. Sparky has shown the family nothing but love during his short time on Earth, only to be killed by one of the synthezoids he trusted.
  • Victor calmly accepting his fate when Vision arrives at his jail cell to kill him. Victor's lingering guilt over Vin's death is implied.
    • And when Victor gets killed by Virginia, his last words are "I shall not be Victorious". In his last moments he is happy he shall never turn into a villain and kill the Avengers.
  • Virginia resting her head on Vision's shoulder as she confesses that she gave Detective Lin a false story to protect Vision. Then, as the poisonous water corrodes Virginia's synthetic organs, Vision holds her as she grows weaker. When she dies, his expression is one of horror and grief.
    • The tragedy of Virginia in its entirety. Possessing Wanda's memories and her own identity, she's fully aware that she's a Replacement Goldfish. Nonetheless, she does love Vision and her children and does everything she can to protect them. Unfortunately, her attempts only lead to an increasing pile of bodies and trauma. By the end of the story, she chooses to kill herself and let the public consider her a supervillain rather than let her only living child be punished for Vision's acts.

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