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Tear Jerker / The Untouchables

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  • Oscar Wallace's death. Doubles as Nightmare Fuel because of the state he was found. He played a vital role at trying to catch Capone and his Adorkable and Determinator persona made him one of the most likeable characters of the film.
  • Jimmy Malone's death. He served as a mentor figure to Ness, provided inside information of Capone's next schemes as well as his likeable tough and deadpan Irish personality.
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  • The little girl who gets blown up at the beginning and the grieving mother who went to Ness afterwards begging to the agent to stop Capone's reign of terror because she knows he is an honest agent and a parent.
  • The last scene when Ness is packaging his desk and looks at the Untouchables' picture remembering the deceased characters. He farewells Stone and gives him Jim Malone's St. Jude medallion because Malone would have been proud if a police officer owned it.
    Ness (sadly): So much violence...


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