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Tear Jerker / The Swarm

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  • Dr. Krim's death. As Narm-filled as Henry Fonda's performance is, he's still quite the lovable old man, and an impact is felt. Dr. Crane's crying over his friend's corpse elicits a few tears, as well as the subsequent scene where Crane walks into Krim's lab, sits in his dead friend's wheelchair, and thinks, while holding Krim's glasses.
  • The entire scene with Jud Hawkins, played wonderfully by Slim Pickens. Jud wants to see his son, who was an airman stationed at the missile complex, but doesn't know that he was one of the swarm's first victims. As Slater and co. lead him into the mortuary, you can see the realization hit just as they find his body-bagged corpse. After Jud breaks down holding his son's corpse, he starts to leave with it. When Slater tells him he can't take him out with him, he tearfully responds "The only way you can stop me, General, is to shoot me... and I'd thank you if you would." Get the tissues.

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