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Tear Jerker / The Strex Family

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  • Diego and Divina appear to be thirty-three and for most intents and purposes are, but they’re actually fifteen. They never had a chance to grow up.
  • Miguel of the Reverse Strex Family blames himself for his wife's death and hasn't been able to really be with anyone since. It's also implied to be at least part of the reason why he drinks.
  • The End and all threads leading up to it.
    • "No...not Jezzy. Not my sister, please." The expressions he makes are absolutely heartbreaking.
      • The later post, with his moral conflict between "kill my sister for a god I don't believe in" or "risk her dying a horrible death" is almost as bad.
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    • As of the night of the Masquerade, Diego has four bullets in his gun. Three have known locations. One goes to Jezzy (fatally), one goes to the Void Goddess (fatally), and one goes into Lauren (non-fatally). What are some possibilities as to where the fourth might go?
    • And now, Jezzy is dead. After shooting her Diego expected her to curse him; what he did not expect and couldn't deal with was her insisting that she loved him and she forgave him.
    • All other character's reactions to Jezebel's death. Notably, Caesar and Santiago have been consoling each other ever since with Caesar as drunk as can be managed, Christopher Rose refuses to talk about it, Diego has locked himself in his room with the intent to find the bottom of a bottle of vodka, Divina is off to confront Diego after telling Caesar the culprit, Sergio is doing his damnest to find a way to save Jezzy, and Luciano has completely blocked out all memory of her via his re-education.

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