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Tear Jerker / The Strange Thing About the Johnsons

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  • Everything about the short. Sidney tries to be a good father to Isaiah, but all Isaiah does is sexually abuse him to the point where he's the shell of his former self.
  • The ending. Damn.
    • In it, Sidney tries to escape the house after finally having the final straw with his son, only to then get unceremoniously ran over because he was too emotionally upset to pay attention to his surroundings.
    • Joan having to kill Isaiah in self defense after he tries to kill her after she calls him out on the sexual abuse he made his own father endure. It's not cathartic in anyway...she just drops the fire-poker and begins to cry from sadness and shock.
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    • And then she burns Sidney's ''Cocoon Man'' memoir, which would have revealed Isaiah's abuse towards him, roll the credits...

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