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Tear Jerker / The SpongeBob Musical

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  • Sandy admitting that she was an outcast back in Texas for being a genius girl squirrel and a karate master, which is why she came to Bikini Bottom.
  • Spongebob and Patrick's falling out when Patrick is worshiped by a cult of sardines (long story).
  • SpongeBob and Patrick's Distant Duet, "(I Guess I) Miss You", is by far the most melancholic song in the show. As Patrick grows tired of the endless worship from his sardine followers, he begins yearning for his best pal and immediately regrets leaving him behind in exchange for attention; meanwhile, SpongeBob is on Mount Humongous thinking the exact same thing. Pair this with John Legend's usual Tear Jerker lyrics and emotional piano/violin accompaniment, and you've got one heck of a heartbreaker. In fact, near the end of the song, as it sounds on the soundtrack, Spongebob and Patrick genuinely sound like they're crying.
    • "Bring my sunshine back again..."
    • In the new Broadway production, Spongebob and Patrick remember the good times they had together, which is represented by actual images from the cartoon of them from various episodes.
      • It seems like they took out the images from the production right before opening night, but the point still stands. Sad song is sad.
  • As the song, "Best Day Ever," comes to a close, the citizens of Bikini Bottom join hands and sing a slower, melancholic rendition of the song, bracing for their likely demise by finally coming together as a community for their possibly final moments.
    • To add to the Tear Jerker, Mr. Krabs sadly looks at Pearl and steps in closer to her to be with his daughter during the last few seconds of their lives, proving once and for all that he loves her more than anything else (even money).
    • Spongebob's soft little "This is it, everybody" as the end draws near.
    • In some performances, Squidward, while bracing for his likely death, smiles and puts his fingers on his chest and points them up towards the sky, basically telling his deceased mother that he is coming to be with her in heaven.
    • On the show's closing night, Ethan Slater (SpongeBob) actually started to cry as the song started. The whole audience then proceeded to cry. The whole scene was so sad, the orchestra had to pause the song so that everyone can continue to flood their waterworks. The crew were able to continue and get through to the end, but still. Everyone did not want the show to end.
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  • Squidward's story about how he was bullied as child. The word loser is still his trigger word.note 
  • Mr. Krabs rejecting SpongeBob's request to become the Krusty Krab manager, dismissing him as a just a "wee simple sponge". The bright and cheery "Bikini Bottom Day" suddenly takes a sad turn as SpongeBob's inner conflict is finally established.
    SpongeBob: Why can't he see?
    I wore my good shoes and I've got my tie on.
    Maybe it's me.
    Am I just the simple sponge you can't rely on?
  • More than a few lines from Squidward's song "I'm Not a Loser". Most notably:
    Squidward: I'm not a loser...I don't secretly hate myself...
    • In one Broadway showing, after he says, "Maybe I am a loser.", he buries his face in his hands and sobs quietly.
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    • After the awesome dance number, Squidward realises that he is in fact alone on the stage and walks sadly away.
  • "Tomorrow Is", in which the denizens of Bikini Bottom realize that they only have one more day left until their world ends and Sandy and Spongebob try to race against the clock to save them. Would you expect such powerful lyrics in a Spongebob property?
    Spongebob: We only have tomorrow
    I wish it was with younote 
    Spongebob and Sandy: The world will end tomorrow
    We know what we must do
    Chorus: The sun has sunk below us
    The dark of night is near
    The hands of time keep ticking
    Tomorrow's almost here
    Almost here
  • Towards the beginning of Act 2, Spongebob sets out to climb Mount Humongous with Sandy, but stops briefly to say goodbye to Gary, knowing that this could be the last time he ever sees his beloved pet snail again.
    Spongebob: Alright, Gary...this is it...
    Gary: Meow.
    Spongebob: You have to be strong now. If I don't make it back and...(chokes up a little) I may'll have to go on without me...
    Gary: Meow.
    Spongebob: And I carry you in mine, Gary...always.
  • As "(Not A) Simple Sponge" reaches it's climax, Mr. Krabs appears and begins putting Spongebob down. As he does this, the various actors with sponges begin rushing off stage.
  • Arguably, the only reason "Poor Pirates" is as funny as it is is because it's genuinely sad. After a while, you really do feel bad for those pirates and how nobody seems to care about their feelings.


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