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Tear Jerker / The Spanish Tragedy

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  • The scene in Act 4 in which the insane Isabella takes revenge on the garden in which her son Horatio was murdered, before stabbing herself. Her madness and frustration at not being able to avenge him except by proxy are tragic.
    Isabella: Since neither piety nor pity moves
    The King to justice or compassion,
    I will revenge myself upon this place,
    Where thus they murdered my beloved son.
    (She cuts down the arbour)
    Down with these branches and these loathsome boughs
    Of this unfortunate and fatal pine:
    Down with them, Isabella; rent them up,
    And burn the roots from whence the rest is sprung.
    I will not leave a root, a stalk, a tree,
    A bough, a branch, a blossom, nor a leaf.
    No, not an herb within this garden-plot,
    Accursed complot of my misery.

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